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on December 15, 2021 by Drew Kramer in Marketplaces

5 Questions to Help You Select an Amazon Advertising Agency to Grow Your Business

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Worried about how your products stand out on Amazon’s vast marketplace? Are you priced correctly for your competitive set? What can you do to optimize your advertising and drive more sales? Whether you’re a brand using Amazon Seller Central or Amazon Vendor Central, an Amazon advertising agency can help drive your business and take the pain out of selling on the world’s biggest marketplace. You can gain myriad advantages and unlock access to untouched revenue avenues with a qualified Amazon advertising agency. Here’s what you need to know to select the best partner for your needs.  

1. What is an Amazon ad agency?

Amazon agencies have popped up everywhere to assist brands with their marketplace management and growth strategies. They offer turnkey solutions to promote brands and their products in order to drive sales. These agencies advise on everything brands need to grow their Amazon account, from product-page content and listing optimization to full-funnel advertising strategies. Typically, agencies offer a full-service model, which includes audience targeting, campaign management and reporting, detail page setup, measurement and attribution. 

Quote "WBX Commerce data reveals that successful advertising on Amazon drives 60% of total growth in the marketplace."

2. Why does your business need an Amazon ad agency?

WBX Commerce data reveals that successful advertising on Amazon drives 60% of total growth in the marketplace. Can you do it in-house with one or two dedicated people? Maybe. But, an Amazon advertising agency offers a team of experts to continuously manage and optimize your marketing strategy and execution. Digital advertising best practices change rapidly, and an agency can stay on top of those updates while you focus on business operations and customer happiness.

3. Can any business claim to be an Amazon advertising expert?

Despite the growing number of self-proclaimed Amazon advertising agencies, not all are equal. Amazon accredits a select few agencies when they have demonstrated deep knowledge of the best ways to get the greatest number of customers to see and buy products — and have the results to back it up. Brands looking for a new partner can (and should) verify accreditation within Amazon’s elite Advertising Partner Directory

4. What are the top benefits of working with an Amazon advertising agency?

Depending on the agency’s experience and track record, there are a number of benefits. Here are the top advantages to working with a proven advertising partner:

  • Specific marketplace expertise
    Amazon’s specialized tools and technology differ from those of Walmart, Target, eBay and others. That’s why it’s important to choose an agency with hands-on experience and client testimonials or case studies to validate their success. For example, at WBX Commerce every member of our Marketplace Management Team is accredited through Amazon’s certification program. That means no matter whether you use Amazon Vendor Central or Seller Central, we can build custom marketing growth strategies that deliver results using all the platform’s tools, such as Amazon’s demand-side platform (DSP)
  • Access to the full suite of Amazon advertising products
    Amazon advertising agencies may have capabilities that an individual seller cannot access. For example, as a member of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, WBX Commerce has first access to resources, training and tools to further develop our capabilities and unlock greater value for our clients. As such, our clients can tap into the full range of Amazon products, from Amazon DSP to Posts, Sponsored Brands, Display and Products, Amazon’s Deal of the Day and much more. 
  • Ability to leverage a unique dataset
    Often Amazon releases tools in beta to its advertising partners. One such tool is the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC). In Amazon’s own words, AMC is “a secure, privacy-safe, and cloud-based data clean room solution, in which advertisers can easily performQuote "In Amazon's own words, AMC is a secure privacy safe, and cloud based data clean room solution, in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Advertising events as well as their own data sets." analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Advertising events as well as their own data sets.” If you’re fluent in adtech, you’ll understand the benefits to your business. Amazon advertising agencies are in the business of understanding and leveraging these sophisticated tools on your behalf. AMC is another tool to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of your ad spend and ROI. WBX Commerce, for example, has access to AMC’s anonymized customer data which provides a view into customer paths to purchase by device, new-to-brand customers reached, ad-attributed purchase rates and more.

5. How should a business vet the best Amazon ad agency for its goals?

You know your business best. Approach a potential Amazon advertising agency partnership with clear goals. It’s okay to not know the intricacies of Amazon’s advertising platform inside and out — that’s why you’re seeking out a partner. But it’s important to set realistic expectations and transparent milestones to hold your agency partner accountable. Make sure you’ll have similar transparency into the data they use to drive decisions. Many brands accept an agency’s recommendation blindly without seeing proof of how they arrived at those conclusions for your specific use case. Ask to speak to current clients to hear firsthand their experience with the agency. Dig into an agency’s core competencies. Ask questions about who and how many people will cover your account; whether the agency is accredited; request a detailed assessment of how they’ll improve your products’ visibility and sales from the get-go.

The WBX Commerce Way: Full-Service Marketplace Growth Agency

As an accredited Amazon ad services partner, WBX Commerce knows how to drive growth for brands. Our team of experts creates data-driven strategies using their fluency in Amazon tools and technology as well as WBX Commerce’s own business intelligence tool WBX Insights. Logo "WBX Commerce WBX Insights"

Our tech surfaces real-time insights on consumer behavior and product performance to optimize Amazon listings and advertising. Get full visibility into search trends and rankings, as well as pricing assistance to win the Buy Box. Plus, we offer brands ongoing performance evaluations, including benchmarking against category markets and the competition. Get access to every datapoint the WBX Commerce team uses to empower your team with critical information. You’ll never have to wonder exactly how your budget is allocated or how that budget has helped drive growth for your brand.

WBX Commerce offers a range of ad services alongside strategy, including organic and paid search, in-platform display ads and platform-specific programs, such as Amazon’s Deal of the Day access. If you’re interested in sustained growth on Amazon, reach out today for a consultation. 

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