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Amazon did what this week?!?

Amazon did what this week?!?


Well, if you are one of the hundreds of product sellers Amazon stopped buying product from this week, you already know. Here at WBX Commerce, we offer some very compelling advantages to the brands who sell on Amazon through us. More later on that…


This week, in what was seen as the beginning of the roll out of it’s “OneVendor” plan, Amazon stopped issuing purchase orders to brands. In essence, Amazon stopped buying products wholesale from product owners and manufacturers.  While it seems some purchase orders have resumed, it hasn’t been universal. These users of Amazon’s Vendor Central platform have essentially been forced to move to the Amazon Marketplace, also known as Seller Central. While Amazon’s motivation isn’t the subject of this post, here is a good article which may help illuminate one of the likely motivations.


At WBX Commerce, we are a full service eCommerce technology company. Simply put – through our technology, marketplace expertise (Amazon), and our fulfillment assets we help our customers “move stuff” and “sell stuff”. And when we sell stuff for people on Amazon, we are a power user of Seller Central. In Vendor Central, you sell things TO Amazon. In Seller Central, you sell things ON Amazon. 53% of sales on Amazon come through Seller Central, and that number will now grow quickly.


To the consumer, very little is different. To the brand, so much is different. You instantly gain control of price and profit, open up new Prime fulfillment options sometimes cheaper than Amazon, and you get a wealth of data you don’t get when you sell wholesale to Amazon. Selling on Amazon is a very valuable direct-to-consumer (DTC) strategy.


WBX Commerce can help you capture the potential of this change. Our clients gain immediate access to unique features that otherwise would take years and millions of dollars in sales to acquire, including the following:


  • Amazon’s Deal of the Day
  • High Seller Rating with 100% positive feedback
  • Dynamic Seller Fulfilled Prime
  • Shipping cost efficiencies
  • Kitting & multi pack creation
  • Tax compliance
  • Catalog Strategy and Analysis


And all of that comes in an automated dashboard with which you can run your business. Give us a shout. We are Powering the DTC Economy™, and we’d love to power growth for you.


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