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on December 12, 2022 by Drew Kramer in Marketplaces, Technology & Data

Amazon Marketing Cloud Consulting: What Is It and How Can It Benefit Your Amazon Ad Strategy?

As we’ve mentioned before, advertising is a tricky thing — part science and part art — and even trickier when it comes to Amazon. Figuring out how, what, where, and when to purchase advertising is often confusing but critical to surviving in this ever-evolving marketplace. It’s clear brands are continuing to take advantage of Amazon advertising, despite any economic downturn, as advertising sales climbed 25% year-over-year in the third quarter of this year, reaching $9.5 billion. While momentum in Amazon ad spend continues, the marketplace giant continues to release new advertising opportunities and evolve its ad-tech solutions like the much-talked-about Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

It’s no doubt that by now you’ve heard about this cloud-based analytics tool and the onslaught of opportunities it offers for Amazon marketers who can and know how to leverage its data. Read that again: for marketers who can and know how to leverage its data.

Advertising sales climbed 25% year-over-year in the third quarter of this year.

Yes, only select Amazon agencies and big brands advertising with both Amazon search-based ads and on Amazon Demand Side Platform (DSP) are eligible to access AMC. But what’s more, the spread of data AMC offers is so vast that most brands need dedicated personnel just to aggregate it, let alone interpret it. Oh, and then resources to turn those insights into an advertising strategy. Remember, AMC data spans some of Amazon’s subsidiaries, so that includes not just Amazon.com, but also Prime Video, Prime Music, FireTV, Whole Foods Market and more. Overwhelmed yet?

On the upside, AMC is an advertiser’s dream. Its data helps brands measure campaigns and tactics, analyze audiences, optimize media and so much more. Brands can better track their customer behavior and finally know what’s working and what’s not when it comes to Amazon advertising. 

But if you’re reading this, you li

kely already know AMC data is a game changer when it comes to driving advertising strategy on Amazon. What you might not know is how to aggregate and mine insights within that data. And unfortunately, without proper interpretation and analysis, AMC data has no chance of driving a winning ad strategy. Here’s where AMC consulting enters the room.

What Is Amazon Marketing Cloud Consulting?

AMC consulting is a new area of practice in the world of advertising. We’ve made it clear thus far that accessing, visualizing and acting on Amazon advertising data from the AMC can be difficult for brands to do on their own. And, there are plenty of Amazon advertising agencies out there that can help with strategy and execution, but there are not many agencies that can offer this new wave of data consulting services. 

Why? While many Amazon ad agencies can provide successful Amazon advertising strategies, most cannot leverage AMC data to its full potential, because they don’t have in-house data engineers and data scientists working alongside their advertising practitioners. 

With AMC consulting services, your brand gets access to a team of experts to mine data and provide actionable insights to grow sales and save costs. Interested in understanding how your media campaigns are impacting offline sales or what mix of tactics is capturing the highest new-to-brand customer? AMC consultants can help brands: 

  1. Understand which ASINs are enhancing or competing with portfolio sales. 
  2. Identify areas to increase spend and lifetime value through geographic targeting.
  3. Analyze multiple attribution models to identify the true impact of campaigns on sales.
  4. Implement tests to action on cloud insights, in addition to analyzing more data.

To read more about the types of unique data insights AMC consulting services can offer, visit our Amazon Marketing Cloud consulting services page

With AMC consulting services, your brand gets access to a team of experts to mine data and provide actionable insights to grow sales and save costs.

What are the Benefits of Amazon Marketing Cloud Consulting?

The benefits of leveraging AMC data are probably glaringly obvious to you now, if they weren’t before, but here’s how using an agency that offers AMC consulting services can help you maximize those benefits and better your Amazon business. 

Pulling Data from Amazon Marketing Cloud

With AMC consulting, your brand will have access to a team of data engineers who understand the nuances of pulling data from the cloud. AMC offers users the ability to structure custom queries so brands (and agencies) can measure advertising performance in line with business priorities. With a team of data engineers, brands can get their unique questions answered fast. 

Translation: You don’t need to invest in hiring your own data engineers or training your team to understand AMC’s data structures AMC uses.

Identifying Insights from Amazon Marketing Cloud Data

Similarly, brands get access to a team of data scientists with AMC consulting services. These data scientists have developed algorithms and actionable insights to increase sales and save costs through data curated from AMC. 

Translation: Data scientists know what to look for in AMC data. And, again, this saves you the investment in training and hiring within this field.

Developing a Data-backed Amazon Advertising Strategy

Like all Amazon agencies, those offering AMC consulting services have a team of advertising specialists that can recommend the right Amazon advertising strategies for your brand. However, only those agencies offering AMC consulting services have the insights to leverage when helping your brand get the most out of AMC data. 

Plus, advertising practitioners at data-based agencies have access to business intelligence tools, so clients can better visualize the data being actioned on and the results your ad strategy is delivering. 

Translation: Brands get better (and more transparent) results when working with advertising practitioners who follow a data-based approach.

Who Offers Amazon Marketing Cloud Consulting?

As mentioned above, AMC consulting is a new area of practice, and WBX Commerce is one agency at the forefront of this practice. Our client brands voiced frustrations around the value AMC could offer them because they either didn’t know how to access the data or they didn’t know what to do with it — or both. 

Because WBX Commerce already uses AMC data for our marketplace services clients, we identified this opportunity to open a new line of business, utilizing our data resources, to help brands that run their DSP advertising in-house.

Results You Can Count On From AMC Consulting Service

Through WBX Commerce’s AMC data analysis, our team was able to track the sequence of various Amazon advertising campaigns a client brand was running on different product sets. With the help of our data engineers and scientists, our advertising practitioners recommended pausing campaigns that WBX Commerce identified as having a high probability of driving up costs for the brand without netting out sales. 

The results: While this netted out a slight decrease in product views, product sales increased marginally. More importantly, the brand experienced a net savings of $23K of advertising budget previously (not well) spent.

The brand experienced a net savings of $23K of advertising budget previously (not well) spent.

WBX Commerce’s Amazon Marketing Cloud Consulting Drives Succes

At WBX Commerce, our mission is to maximize your brand’s growth potential by helping you navigate Amazon’s complexities and accelerate your advertising results. With an industry-leading data science team to fuel decision-making for our (or your) advertising experts, with the help of our proprietary BI tool WBX Insights, WBX Commerce’s AMC consulting gives brands the advertising insights needed to enhance Amazon search advertising and Amazon DSP spend.

Contact us to schedule a consultation today. Our team will audit your Amazon advertising and product content for a clear view of existing performance and a comparison point for future benchmark reports. You’ll get 100% transparency into your AMC data and best-in-class data analytics on your Amazon advertising performance — guaranteed.

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