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Consulting & In-Housing

Whether you need a full suite of consulting services or just need to give your in-house team a boost, WBX Commerce has you covered. We offer a range of advertising and fulfillment consulting services to give your brand a competitive edge.

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Build a Smarter Supply Chain

Fulfillment & Supply Chain Consulting

WBX Commerce has operational expertise in ecommerce fulfillment (especially fulfillment on Amazon) and can equip your team with insights on where your brand can save on fulfillment costs.

FBA Shipment Reconciliation

If you shipped 1,000 products to Amazon, but they only received 980 units, WBX Commerce will help you file a claim with Amazon. Not sure which Amazon fulfillment option (FBA, FBM, SFP) is best for your brand? We can audit your Amazon product and sales data to help you understand the true costs of each option.

How to Find the Right 3PL

Looking for a third-party logistics (3PL) partner to manage your omnichannel fulfillment? WBX Commerce understands the challenge of finding the 3PL that best fits your brand’s needs and can help you identify the partner who can help deliver for your customers and scale with your growth. 

SKU Profitability

Do you sell your products on multiple sales channels? Need help understanding which SKUs have high margins and which bring down your bottom line? WBX Commerce can help by tapping into your ecommerce marketplaces to help you understand your per-unit profitability. Learn more about our SKU profitability reports.

Empower Your In-House Team


You have a strong in-house team that could benefit from a competitive boost. We've got you covered.

Advertising Audits

  • Identify where you’re wasting ad spend on insufficient match types
  • Opportunities to maximize sales on specific keywords to impact share of voice
  • Underutilized Sponsored Ad product types
  • Gaps between your competitors’ sales and your ad strategy

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) Audits

  • Analyze your FBA SKU portfolio to see where you may be overpaying Amazon for fulfillment
  • Discover opportunities to reconfigure product packaging for additional cost savings