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Marketplace Insights and Analytics

Get actionable cross-channel analytics about your customers and products in real-time with WBX Commerce Fuse technology. Our platform ingests and categorizes your Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, branded store sales, and fulfillment data in one centralized place so you can stay on top of the customer experience and ahead of the competition.

See key trends in your customers’ journey, and the impact your messaging and pricing has across all the places you sell and fulfill. Let’s say- you first interact with a customer through an Amazon Advertising campaign, but eventually convert them to a branded site subscription purchaser. With insight into that journey, you can better predict customer lifetime value (LTV) based on similar historical information.

Listing Insights

  • Sales Performance by Channel: Understand product preferences and sales by different channels — Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, etc.
  • Geographic Insights: See sales trend by geographic location
  • Frequently Bought Together: Understand which products are frequently purchased together to inform new product creation or bundling 
  • Review Management Reports: Customer reviews can make or break a listing. See how often your customers are reviewing, and what they are saying 
  • Reseller Insights: See the reseller presence for a given listing, e.g., what other sellers are priced at, their seller rating, etc.
  • Buy Box Win Percentage: Understand how often your listing is winning the Buy-Box and create strategies to increase your percentage  

Customer Analytics

  • Customer LTV Tracking: Gain insights into the lifetime value of customers who have purchased more than one product across your channels 
  • Customer Journey: See what other products customers viewed, added to their carts, and ultimately purchased in relation to your product
  • New Versus Repeat Customers: Understand your monthly breakdown of existing vs. new customers across channels 
  • Demographics: Understand the age, gender, household income, marital status, and education levels of customers

Advertising Data

Return on Ad Spend

Conversion Rate


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