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What is Amazon Marketplace?

An Amazon-owned and operated ecommerce platform, Amazon Marketplace allows third-party brands to sell new or used goods to customers in a fixed-price online marketplace.

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It is distinct from Amazon.com, which is its own major online retailer, selling everything from A to Z adjacent to Amazon Marketplace. It is one of the world’s largest ecommerce platforms, comprising approximately 2.2 million active sellers.

Benefits of Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marketplace allows brands to sell and market their products on a reliable, rapidly growing ecommerce site. To add, brands can use Amazon Marketplace to reach customers around the world and realize significant sales volumes. According to the Amazon Marketplace site, the platform has 300 million customers worldwide—this is a substantial customer base, one that offers successful brands a great deal of opportunity.

Amazon Marketplace equips brands with guidelines and recommendations to help them make the most of their product listings. Moreover, Amazon Marketplace’s various seller services let brands determine the best marketing and selling options for their business.

Amazon Marketplace comprises two distinct platforms: Seller Central and Vendor Central. Both provide options for brands and manufacturers to distribute and sell their products to customers.

Amazon Seller Central

True to its name, Seller Central puts most of the work in the hands of the brand. It lets brands sell products directly to Amazon customers. Brands determine the price of their products (while Amazon determines fees for selling on its platform) as well as their product descriptions, tags, and fulfillment methods; the seller can store, pack, and ship their products themselves or with the help of Amazon’s fulfillment services.

Amazon Vendor Central

On the other hand, Vendor Central works closely with Amazon’s teams to fulfill and manage orders of a brand’s merchandise. But first Amazon chooses which brands or products to work with on Vendor Central.

Brands that work with Amazon on Vendor Central act as suppliers to Amazon. Amazon then sells their products directly to Amazon customers. Vendor Central provides a simplified solution for brands to get their products in front of customers—brands worry about their purchase orders, and Amazon does the rest.

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Amazon Marketplace Solutions from WBX Commerce

WBX Commerce experts and marketplace management packages help merchants navigate and easily use Amazon Marketplace. We give you the tools you need.

Drive sales, reduce costs, and optimize your product listings. Our solutions can help you to distribute orders, track payments, and amplify your presence on other ecommerce platforms. We can also help you explore selling and customer trends as well as create attractive product descriptions.

Overall, by partnering with WBX Commerce, you can embrace rather than shy away from Amazon Marketplace and other ecommerce sites. We can help you to better develop and direct your business, and help you focus on thriving rather than surviving. Read more about our ecommerce software solution for marketplace management and fulfillment today.

WBX Commerce Health Report

The WBX Commerce Health Report is a great first step in optimizing your listings. Our in-depth report gathers data from your listings, keywords search data, and competitive listings to score your listing and provide data-backed recommendations on opportunities and optimizations.

Get an in-depth analysis of each of your listings by ASIN, along with a WBX Commerce Opportunity Score to help you prioritize the listings to focus on first. 

  • EBC Inclusion
  • Image & Video Evaluation 
  • Product Description Opportunity 
  • Node Count Opportunity 

Understand where your listings are potentially missing out on sales because they aren’t indexing for search. See how often your product indexes for a given keyword.

Know how the amount and quality of your reviews are trending over time.

  • Year-over-year review counts 
  • Month-over-month new review additions by product 
  • Average Review Rating by month and by product

Grasp the market share potential and gain insights into your direct competitor’s marketplace performance.

  • Total Products Being Sold by Brand 
  • Monthly Order by Brand 
  • Monthly Revenue by Brand

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