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Third-Party Selling

WBX Commerce helps brands with third-party selling through inventory and FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) forecasting, Amazon launch, and merchant of record services.

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Inventory & FBA Forecasting

WBX Forecasting, combined with our managed services team, offers our partners more accurate forecasts with a lens on seasonality and forward-looking promotions. We use intelligently calculated velocities based on historical sales data, Amazon Sales Rank charts, and yearly demand charts to ensure you always know when to restock your FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) inventory.

Traditional Forecasting only includes:

• Forecasting based solely on historic sales velocities
• Limited insight into promotional sales bumps
• No ability to adjust for seasonality
• Increased chance of out-of-stock scenarios 

WBX Forecasting

  • Forecasting based on historical data, seasonality, and upcoming promotions
  • Calculated velocities that are more accurate than traditional forecasts
  • Forecasts are adjusted for out-of-stock days and partial Buy Box percentage
  • Amazon Sales Rank and yearly historic sales charts are monitored and forecasts are adjusted for seasonality
  • Decreased chance of out-of-stock scenarios

Amazon Launch

Selling made simple

WBX Commerce makes it easy for new brands to start selling on the world’s largest online marketplace. We specialize in:

  • Helping brands navigate their Seller Central account setup
  • Creating Sponsored Ad campaigns to promote products
  • Buidling out product pages, A+ content, and storefronts — from scratch
  • Coaching brands on how to navigate reporting and key Amazon metrics
  • SKU profitability reports — learn which SKUs make the most sense to sell on Amazon

How we helped Ricola — an established brick-and-mortar brand — launch on Amazon and grow their sales 57% year-over-year.

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Merchant of Record

WBX Commerce offers a merchant-of-record service to help simplify your online sales. A merchant of record is a company that is authorized to sell goods to end customers while being responsible for processing credit and debit transactions. Merchants of record manage payments, assume certain liabilities (i.e. collecting sales tax), ensure payment compliance, and handle refunds.



Collect and process customer payments

Calculate, remit, and file sales tax

Ensure compliance with payment and consumer
data privacy standards