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Become a WBX Commerce Affiliate!

Share your WBX Commerce success with other brands, and earn $400 for every referred brand that signs with WBX Commerce. Plus, WBX Commerce will provide $1,000 to each referred brand, to use towards their first month of WBX Commerce fees.

Step 1: Apply to become a WBX Commerce affiliate

Who’s applicable? If you’re part of the WBX Commerce family, you can be an affiliate. This includes clients, partners, consultants, investors and more!

Step 2: Get your unique referral code

Once you’ve applied, you will receive a unique referral code via email. Any contacts you refer will need to use your unique referral code to receive credit.

Step 3: Share your referral code

Promote the benefits of partnering with WBX Commerce or your first-hand experience with us, along with your link and code across social networks or directly with leads.

Step 4: Reap the rewards

When a referred brand signs a contract with WBX Commerce, you’ll receive your rewards (on a quarterly basis). Don’t worry, we’ll notify you when a referral has signed.