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Amazon Marketing Agency: An Overview for Ecommerce Brands

Home to over 62% of eCommerce sales, Amazon’s digital marketplace attracts an incredibly broad customer base. If your brand is selling on it, you need to ensure that it stands out. How? You should consider partnering with an Amazon marketing agency like WBX Commerce. Check out this overview for ecommerce brands below.

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At WBX Commerce, we know the core services of a marketing agency are important, but we go beyond the standard to ensure our brands win more sales and reduce costs, all in one streamlined, powerful platform solution. First, let’s cover the basics.

Amazon Digital Marketing Agency Services and Benefits

In 2018, Amazon reported 25,000 sellers worldwide achieved over $1 million in sales each using the ecommerce platform. That number represents a huge opportunity for brands such as yours—and fierce competition.

To get your products in front of the right customers, maintain your brand’s competitive edge, and outpace competitors, you need an advised marketing strategy and help with the daily management of your listings. Once you’ve partnered with an Amazon marketing services agency to get the best ROI for your marketing, below is what you can expect.

Great Place to Begin

An Overarching Amazon Marketing Strategy

Creating your product listing in the Amazon Marketplace is a great place to begin your brand’s journey, but certainly not where it should end.

To get the most from the platform, your brand needs to distinguish itself from the estimated 3 million other sellers competing for buyers’ attention. A digital marketing agency for Amazon can develop a strategy to improve your marketing efforts across your full portfolio of products and drive traffic to your product listings, increasing page views and boosting sales.

Product Listing and Price Management

To sell anything on Amazon, you need to list your products. This can be time-consuming and tedious, but something a digital marketing agency for Amazon like WBX Commerce can help you with. Expect that your partner agency will create attractive listings and appropriate pricing strategies that can maximize your brand’s profits.

Keyword Research and Listing Optimization

Once your partner agency helps you list your products, you want to ensure they don’t get lost amid the platform’s sea of goods.

To do this, you need to optimize each listing for Internet searches. By knowing what keywords customers are using to find products they want to buy, you can optimize your listings with keyword-rich search terms so that they show up in customers’ search results.

An Amazon digital marketing agency can help you identify these keywords, as well as manage the SEO for all your product listings and content to drive high organic rankings and convert clicks to purchases. WBX Commerce’s approach to product-listing optimization is data driven. Our Marketplace Services Team analyzes Amazon’s analytics reporting and the search trends of top-ranking competitors to help brands with the following:

  • Understand the search terms and behaviors of customers
  • Create a selection of essential buzzwords for inclusion in listing titles, bullet points, descriptions, and back-end keyword fields
  • Monitor changes in search trends to inform keyword updates to listings

Storefront Setup, Optimization and Automation

To avoid having your products floating all-around Amazon, uploaded in a piecemeal fashion, a digital marketing agency can organize all of your listings into one consolidated, optimized, and automated Amazon Storefront. This will help you build a stronger brand presence with customers on the platform.

However, creating a Storefront is only available to sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, which a brand can only enroll in if it has a registered trademark. Nevertheless, brands with a Storefront enjoy the benefits of giving customers a dot-com experience within Amazon.

Storefronts can also serve as a landing page for social media promotions.


How will you know what’s working and what’s not? Data. An Amazon marketing services agency can help you collect and make sense of invaluable data from sales trends, search insights, review analysis, and more to illustrate what marketing strategies are working and providing you with the best ROI.

This data can also help you find weak points in your marketing efforts, and better understand your customer journey, from which you can make adjustments in your strategy to continue reaching sales targets.

When to Partner with a Digital Marketing Agency for Amazon

You’re ready to partner with a digital marketing agency if you can check off the items in the following list:

  • You have an amazing product your customers want and need.
  • You can no longer afford the time and have the resources you need to manage marketing efforts in-house.
  • You have the infrastructure in place to support an increase in sales and the budget to offload marketing efforts.

An Amazon marketing agency with a multipronged approach and proven success like WBX Commerce can take the hassle out of managing your marketing, freeing you to concentrate on more meaningful work in your business.

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Full-Service Marketing Agency

How WBX Commerce Can Help With Amazon Marketing

WBX Commerce is a full-service Amazon marketing agency. From Amazon Vendor and Seller Central management to Storefront creation and optimization, our team has the expertise brands need to boost sales on Amazon.

But why stop there? Our team is also equipped to help brands reach more customers on Walmart Marketplace, a steadily growing eCommerce platform with over 110 million visitors a month

Furthermore, digital marketplace management isn’t the only service WBX Commerce provides. Our team includes experts in warehousing, logistics, and fulfillment services as well. If you feel that your supply chain is not yet ready to handle an increase in sales, WBX Commerce can help it get there.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how WBX Commerce can help elevate your ecommerce marketplace presence.

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WBX Commerce Health Report

The WBX Commerce Health Report is a great first step in optimizing your listings. Our in-depth report gathers data from your listings, keywords search data, and competitive listings to score your listing and provide data-backed recommendations on opportunities and optimizations.

Get an in-depth analysis of each of your listings by ASIN, along with a WBX Commerce Opportunity Score to help you prioritize the listings to focus on first. 

  • EBC Inclusion
  • Image & Video Evaluation 
  • Product Description Opportunity 
  • Node Count Opportunity 

Understand where your listings are potentially missing out on sales because they aren’t indexing for search. See how often your product indexes for a given keyword.

Know how the amount and quality of your reviews are trending over time.

  • Year-over-year review counts 
  • Month-over-month new review additions by product 
  • Average Review Rating by month and by product

Grasp the market share potential and gain insights into your direct competitor’s marketplace performance.

  • Total Products Being Sold by Brand 
  • Monthly Order by Brand 
  • Monthly Revenue by Brand

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