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Tech enabled ad strategies

Born from the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC)

From our world-class technology to our winning advertising services, we’ve built our entire business around the Amazon Marketing Cloud.

Increase sales and profitability

WBX Glass® is our proprietary advertising technology with robust first-party data management.

We combine first-party and third-party data to create unparalleled shopper insights.

We leverage those shopper insights to formulate custom audiences and target them across the Amazon DSP.

WBX Glass® automatically delivers actionable data on a recurring schedule, providing faster feedback and revenue growth.

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Relentless Amazon growth

Our technology enables our advertising management team to manage campaigns precisely and efficiently. For each of our partners, we optimize, scale, and automate campaigns to get the greatest return on each investment. You can focus on building a portfolio of great products and leave the heavy lifting of your Amazon growth to us.

WBX manages Amazon advertising for a health and wellness brand selling vitamins. The brand had a goal to diversify sales away from just their top selling SKUs. Our advertising management team activated an audience geared toward cross-promoting products within their portfolio, resulting in a 15% increase in sales of the cross-promoted vitamins in the first 90 days.


increase in sales in 90 days

Our success crosses any endemic Amazon vertical, from CPG to Health and Wellness to Toys and Games. We’re confident WBX can be the catalyst for your success on Amazon.


WBX Glass® is your window into AMC

WBX Glass makes it easy to unlock the power of the Amazon Marketing Cloud. Using your Amazon shopper data, combined with third-party and first-party data where available, we formulate custom advertising audiences to grow your sales. We activate those audiences on the Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) to target shoppers at the right time, wherever they are, on Amazon and elsewhere. Learn more about WBX Glass, our revolutionary Amazon marketing tool.
Learn more about WBX Glass.


  • Grow new-to-brand customers with precision targeting of high-potential buyers.
  • Increase loyalty and lifetime value with more repeat purchasers and Subscribe & Save customers.
Infographic showing the process after a shopper abandons a cart, including audience targeting, ad campaigns, profit growth, and tracking with WBX Glass.
Infographic explaining the process after a shopper abandons their cart: creating target audiences, advertising, reducing abandonment rates, and tracking with WBX Glass.


Over $1B in Amazon sales

Average $93M YoY growth for our Top 100 Amazon Sellers Segment

Independently owned and operated

Client NPS score of 75