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As the leader in driving value from the Amazon Marketing Cloud, we formulate audiences and insights to acquire an unrivaled number of new and repeat customers at the lowest possible cost.

Using our proprietary world-class technology and our deep understanding of the Amazon ecosystem, we simplify the activation of custom audiences and insights from the Amazon Marketing Cloud to optimize advertising spend and increase customer lifetime value. 

Our Winning Strategy

Amazon Data Activation with WBX Glass®

Real-time optimization of Amazon Search and DSP campaigns using our proprietary world-class technology and the power of the Amazon Marketing Cloud

Custom AMC Audiences

As the leader in driving value from the Amazon Marketing Cloud, we’ve formulated 20 distinct, custom AMC audiences (compared to the standard six)

Grow New and Repeat Customers

We use those custom AMC audiences to target customers who are most likely to purchase with the right messages at the right time. This results in optimized ad spend and increased customer lifetime value for your brand.

Benefits for Your Brand

  • Drive value for your DSP campaigns using the Amazon Marketing Cloud as soon as tomorrow
  • AMC simplified, with reduced friction in gaining and leveraging valuable insights
  • Immediate optimizations based on AMC insights
  • Highly accurate advertising campaigns with precise audience targeting
  • Dedicated, high-touch service from an experienced team that is well-connected to Amazon
  • Grow new-to-brand customers
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Grow total sales
  • Save costs and increase ROAS

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