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Drive more value from the Amazon Marketing Cloud

The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is a large, privacy-safe clean room solution that enables advertisers to run analytics across aliased data sets from all Amazon shoppers. With this data, you can see how users engage with your Amazon ads across devices — which is essential, especially as we move to a cookie-less world.


WBX Commerce was built around driving value from the AMC. We combine our proprietary world-class technology with our deep understanding of the Amazon ads ecosystem to simplify the activation of this valuable Amazon data.


We formulate and activate custom audiences and insights from the AMC and first-party data to optimize ad spend and increase customer lifetime value.

AMC pulls data from Amazon, its subsidiaries, and 3rd-party sites:

Our superpower

WBX Glass®

The tech that unlocks the power of the Amazon Marketing Cloud

Optimal Re-targeting Recency
Line graph displaying fluctuating data points over a 40-day period, with peaks and troughs indicating variable metrics.

amc audiences

Custom Audiences and Insights​

WBX Commerce formulates custom, high-performing audiences using a combination of AMC, first-party, and third-party data.

Cart abandoners


Product page viewers

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Baby Registry

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Audience activation simplified – no SQL required

WBX Commerce was built around driving value from the Amazon Marketing Cloud. Our proprietary WBX Glass technology reduces friction in getting actionable insights from AMC — no SQL required. Designed for brands that advertise on the DSP, this out-of-the-box Amazon advertising tool makes it easy to derive powerful insights from AMC without having to be an expert data scientist.

Personalized advertising insights​

A robust library of easy-to-understand insights, tailored to your brand:
  • Attribution confidence
  • Incrementality
  • Off-Amazon impacts of your ads
  • Optimal retargeting recency
  • Streaming TV path to conversion

Analytics and

Path to Conversion

  • Map the customer journey
  • Identify ad-attributed purchases
  • Maximize conversions based on sequences of ad exposure

New to Brand Customers

  • Understand which tactics drive the most new-to-brand conversions

Offline Sales

  • Measure media impact on offline sales at Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh

case study

Optimized Ad Spend with AMC​

Our team used AMC to understand the path to conversion across DSP and Sponsored Ads campaigns. From there, we paused spending on inefficient campaigns and reinvested in high-performance Amazon marketing ads.

increase in sales


monthly reduction in ad spend