Amazon Content Optimization

Product pages with an unmatched competitive edge.
  • Data-driven strategy 
  • Target high-potential buyers 
  • Right product placement at the right time

Product Page Content Optimization

Accessible, high-tech optimization to maximize your brand’s reach and deliver results.

Product configuration recommendations

Pricing advice to drive purchases 

Top-searched keywords in your competitive set

Right customers, right time

Listing Organization

Designed to get your products in front of the right customers at the right time


  • Full visibility of Amazon search trends and rankings
  • Pricing assistance to win the Buy Box
  • Continuous research on your product category for top-performing content
  • Ongoing performance evaluations

Amazon Keyword Targeting

Committed to testing, learning, and using data to unlock greater performance


  • Deep dive into search term variations for Amazon SEO
  • View of competitive landscape within your product category and share of voice by term
  • Know number of conversions from content optimization 

Product Listing Titles

The first thing the customer sees.


  • Concise and keyword-rich
  • Use product-identifying information
  • Designed with the customer in mind, not just the Amazon algorithm

Product Features

Clear and concise descriptions and backend keywords.


  • Typically 5 bullet points
  • List the features and benefits of your product
  • Clear and concise, written for your buyer and Amazon SEO

A+ Content

Maintain brand consistency on Amazon with tailored A+ content designed by our team


  • Product listings that match your website in tone, feel, and presentation
  • Show your brand’s personality through visuals
  • Viewable on all devices

your brand’s time to shine

Amazon Storefront Management

Your Amazon storefront is a free, branded destination where brands can cultivate an 

experience that mimics their website. This helps shoppers discover more products in your catalog.

Content optimization & advertising metrics include:

Where traffic comes from
Click-through rates
Average sales per visit

Your Amazon Storefront

  • Has its own url
  • Offers a unique brand experience
  • Directs customers to additional products they may not have found through their own Amazon search

The WBX team can help your brand:

  • Build brand awareness beyond individual products
  • Help Amazon shoppers learn about your company and full product catalog
  • Get your own Amazon URL to direct promotions
  • Drive customers to your store with ads on and off Amazon
  • Use data from your Store to optimize content and ad campaigns
  • Track Store-related sales, visits, page views, and traffic on and off Amazon

At WBX Commerce, we recommend that brands use Amazon enhancements like the brand registry program to create a storefront. A storefront is a landing page where you can drive ad traffic — as opposed to individual product pages — for greater discovery and time spent.

Understanding amazon

How algorithms affect your product listings

WBX’s dedicated advertising services team stays up to date on all things Amazon and closely monitors the metrics that most affect your rankings:


  • Click-through rate
  • Conversions
  • Reviews 

Your team has full transparency into all the data we configure for product optimization and a comprehensive view of the competitive landscape within your product category. This leads to more accurate listings, increased discoverability, and more profits for your brand.