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Amazon Content Optimization

WBX Commerce takes a pragmatic, data-driven approach to Amazon content optimization. Our unique combination of tech and talent gives brands an unmatched competitive edge on their Amazon product listings. With a dedicated content strategist from our Amazon marketing services team, WBX Commerce leverages analytics to better understand consumer search trends and shopping behavior for content optimization specific to your product catalog.

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Content Optimization

Consumers turn to Amazon more than any other platform. To stay competitive, it’s critical to optimize your product listings for more qualified traffic and sales. WBX Commerce offers accessible, high-tech optimization solutions to help with this. Utilizing our proprietary technology, a team of advertising, content, and data science experts maximize your brand’s Amazon reach and deliver results. Our team does more than just optimize your content.

  • We recommend what product configurations to offer
  • Advise on what price is most likely to lead to purchase 
  • Show you what keywords consumers are searching

How the Amazon Algorithm Affects Your Product Listings

Amazon’s algorithms use multiple data points including click-through rate, conversions, reviews, and other performance metrics to understand user behavior and return the most relevant listing for each product search. 

WBX Commerce’s Amazon marketing services team is different from other Amazon agencies because we take a unique data-driven approach to Amazon product SEO, fueled by our proprietary decisioning engine Omnifi. Our Amazon content optimization decisions are based on real insights. Plus, customers have transparency into all of the Amazon data we collect and configure for product optimization results. 

Our WBX Insights tool gives brands a comprehensive view of their competitive landscape on Amazon search within product categories, enabling brands to understand customer and product trends and optimize not only Amazon product SEO but also create the most accurate product listing to increase discoverability and profits. 

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See how WBX Insights can power your Amazon business.

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Product Listing Optimization

With relevant product information, you can increase visibility and click-through rates, and ultimately improve Amazon product optimization and add to your bottom line. Brands get full visibility into Amazon search trends and rankings, as well as pricing assistance to win the Buy Box. We are constantly researching our clients’ product categories and optimizing the content in their Amazon product listings to get their products in front of the right consumers. That’s why we offer our partners access to the data that drives our decisions as well as ongoing performance evaluations, including benchmarking against category markets and the competition on Amazon.

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Find and Target Amazon Keywords

Content optimization of your product listings takes a continuous commitment to testing and learning, and data is the key to unlocking greater performance. At WBX Commerce, we utilize our in-house business intelligence tool WBX Insights to do a deep dive into the data on variations of search terms for clients for Amazon product SEO. Our data scientists also provide you with a view of the competitive landscape within your product categories, as well as your share of voice by term. Our team spots where listings are potentially missing out on sales because they aren’t indexing for search — or the right search terms — as well as how many conversions you own for Amazon content optimization.

Optimize Amazon Product Listing Titles

The title is often the first aspect of a listing a customer sees, and it’s a key component of a listing that Amazon uses to rank search results. The product title can make or break a listing. That’s why we make sure your Amazon product titles are both concise and keyword rich during our content optimization process. At WBX Commerce, we always use wording that keeps the customer in mind, with concise product-identifying information — and not just Amazon’s search algorithm. But we also zoom in on top-ranking competitors in your products’ categories to interpret the significance of certain search frequencies for specific phrases and keywords to inform the language we use.

Optimize Product Features on Amazon Listings

Prioritizing front-end search terms in the content optimization process begins with the title and continues in the listing. WBX Commerce ensures that bullet points and highlights that follow your title are keyword-rich Amazon product SEO but also written for the customer. These (typically five) bullet points are what help you sell the features and benefits of your products. Just like product titles, our team keeps product features clear and concise during the content optimization process to improve discoverability. Our keyword reports, generated by WBX Insights, inform our selection of essential buzzwords and content to be included in the bullet points, descriptions, and backend keyword fields on your product pages. But our goal is always to communicate clearly and help customers make the right buying decision (i.e., your product).

A+ Content for Better Sales on Amazon

Your Amazon product listing should match your brand website in tone, feel, and presentation for consistency. Part of the Amazon product optimization process is the creation of A+ Content. A+ Content is an opportunity for you to offer some personality to your page through visuals, content, and even rich media. It’s also an opportunity to answer customers’ most commonly asked questions by providing relevant product details in your content to drive more rapid purchase decisions from the right customers and hopefully reduce returns. Our Amazon marketing services team is skilled at designing A+ content tailored to your product and viewable on all devices.

Customer Success Story

"WBX Commerce optimized Ricola’s Amazon listings, established brand ownership to create new A+ and Storefront content, merged duplicate ASINs and narrowed the catalog to include the most profitable SKUs."

Winning the Buy Box

Finding the Optimal Price for Your Products on Amazon

One of the most critical steps to optimizing your listings is product pricing. Pricing is one of the major pillars that hold up the holy grail of success on Amazon: the Buy Box. The Amazon Buy Box accounts for the majority of sales on Amazon but winning it can be a challenge.

Cutting your price doesn’t always improve your position. There are many pricing considerations that require you to have a thorough understanding of your brand and your customer. Without knowing how consumers perceive your brand, whether your target customers are price-sensitive, and how your products compare to other low-cost or premium goods, it’s hard to make brand-based pricing decisions. Ultimately, the most important factor is whether customers consider your pricing fair, and finding this out may take some trial and error.

That’s where WBX Commerce’s Amazon marketing services team comes in. We have extensive experience in helping brands set the right prices to move their products on Amazon. Our team of experts can help you win the Buy Box, increase repeat purchases and protect your brand.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"Working with WBX Commerce has made us a more effective organization and allowed us to refocus internal resources on what we do best. From channel strategy to actual product listings, A+ content, advertising, and Amazon prep, WBX Commerce covered everything."

Amazon Storefront Management

Stores is a free self-service branded destination on Amazon where brands can curate an experience that mimics their website to help shoppers discover other product offerings in your catalogue. Stores offer all kinds of content optimization and advertising metrics, such as where traffic comes from, average sales per visit and click-through rates.

At WBX Commerce, we recommend brands take advantage of Amazon enhancements like the brand registry program to create a storefront. A storefront will give you a landing page to drive ad traffic, as opposed to individual product pages, for greater discovery and time spent. Your storefront will have its own URL, offer a unique brand experience and serve to direct customers to additional products you offer that they may not have found through their own Amazon search.

Our team at WBX Commerce can help your brand: 

  • Build brand awareness on Amazon beyond individual products – Help Amazon shoppers learn about your company, brand story and full Amazon product portfolio. WBX Commerce will use Stores templates to display your rich media such as images and videos — optimized for mobile. 
  • Get your own Amazon.com web address to direct promotions – Drive shoppers to your Store with Amazon ads and marketing activities outside of Amazon, using your unique Store URL. 
  • Use data collected from your Store for content optimization and optimization of ad campaigns – The Stores insights dashboard, as well as our WBX Insights tool, provides you with analytics on your Store-related sales, visits and page views, as well as traffic sources on and off Amazon.

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