Amazon DSP Advertising​

Streaming TV, streaming audio, online video and display advertising that yields profitable, long-term results

How does the
Amazon DSP work?

The Amazon DSP (demand-side platform) allows advertisers to automatically purchase and optimize ads on Amazon-owned sites and certain third-party sites like,, and The real estate for these ads is exclusive to the Amazon DSP.


When you combine search advertising with streaming TV, streaming audio, and display ads, you create a full-funnel ad strategy that reaches customers at every stage of their buying journey. Put simply: grow brand awareness, grow sales.

Connecting DSP advertising with your paid strategy drives 4x more conversions for your business than paid search alone

Where do DSP ads appear?

Amazon DSP ads appear on Amazon-owned sites and certain third-party sites.

Types of DSP Ads

WBX Commerce leverages data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud to determine which combination of DSP advertisements is right for your brand.

Display Ads

  • Banner-style ads that can use text, images, video, and audio
  • Appear on Amazon and third-party websites
  • Can be tested on multiple platforms for maximum reach

Online Video Ads

  • Can appear as in-stream video content (before, during, or after videos)
  • Or out-stream: non-video locations like in banner ads or alongside online articles
  • Reach broad audiences on Amazon-owned and third-party sites
  • Potentially more cost effective than Streaming TV ads

Streaming TV or
Video Ads

  • Increase purchase rates by 90%
  • Compatible with mobile, gaming, tablet, and connected TVs
  • Bypass traditional cable ads and reach new-to-brand customers with targeted messaging on Fire TV, IMDb, Twitch, and more

Audio Ads

  • Off-screen ads that play between songs
  • Available on Amazon Music (free tier) 
  • Compatible on mobile, desktop, and Amazon Alexa devices
  • Complement display and streaming TV ads across the Amazon DSP


Why partner with WBX for Amazon DSP advertising?

Our team of advertising experts build and execute strategies that help new customers discover your products, keep existing customers coming back, and drive more revenue for your brand with more purchases. Here’s a glimpse at how we do this:

our credentials

How we help you grow profitably

We’re a certified
Advanced Amazon Advertising Partner

Our technology unlocks more data from the Amazon Marketing Cloud

We’ll be your sole agency partner, or partner with your preferred agency

We track who viewed your ads and ultimately made a purchase

Access to data across every Amazon vertical and category

Track path to conversion across devices to optimize when and where you place ads

Privileged access to the latest Amazon tools and technology

Measure in-store conversion at Whole Foods Market and Amazon Fresh

amazon dsp reseller program

In-house the Amazon DSP

Take full control of your Amazon advertising strategy with access the Amazon DSP and AMC insights (via WBX Glass), with no minimum spend requirements.


Many small-to-medium spending brands and agencies are shut out from advertising on the DSP due to the $2 million entry barrier. Partner with WBX to gain access by subleasing our DSP license. 

  • Grow brand awareness
  • Increase conversions by 2-5x
  • Access premium ad inventory
  • Uncover growth opportunities with Amazon Marketing Cloud data
  • Comprehensive training on how to use the DSP
  • Ongoing support from our ADSP experts
Earn more new & repeat customers