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Amazon Search Advertising

WBX Commerce is proud to be an Advanced Amazon Advertising Partner. Our team of experts uses every Amazon advertising tool available to get your brand the attention it deserves. 

  • Data-driven strategy 
  • Target high-potential buyers 
  • Right product placement at the right time


Table stakes for advertising on Amazon

Our advertising team expands your brand’s reach. We help you understand:

Competitive landscape in your product category
Your share of voice by search term
Correlation between Amazon ad sales and total sales
Brand halo trends — when you advertise for one product and drive sales for another

search ads

Types of Amazon
Search Ads

Turnkey advertising solutions that increase product visibility and drive growth.

Sponsored Product

  • Essential ad types 
  • One of the most effective ads for product discovery
  • Promote individual products
  • Displayed in search results and on product detail pages

Sponsored Brand

  • Most effective for brand and product discovery
  • Banner and video ads
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Positioned at the top of Amazon search results 
  • On average, increase impressions by additional 10-20%

Sponsored Display

Sponsored TV

  • Self-service ads

  • Appear on streaming platforms like Freevee and Twitch
Retail-aware, interactive formats (like QR codes or Add to Cart overlays)

  • No minimum ad spend

Win more new and repeat customers


Brand Sales


Ad Efficiency

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Reach More 
New-to-Brand Customers

Grow Brand Awareness 
On and Off Amazon

Your partner for Amazon Ads

What it’s like to work with WBX

Regular performance evaluations by our data science team

Insights and recommendations on KPIs

Content optimization and ad spend recommendations

Improved search ranking

Quarterly business reviews to track growth



your conversions by

connecting DSP and Search

Target customers at all stages of the buying journey with ads that connect your paid search with the Amazon DSP (demand-side platform).

View our DSP page


AMazon DSP

Reach customers
where they are

Grow brand awareness with ads on streaming TV, streaming audio, and display ads across a number of platforms. After seeing these ads, when customers see your products in their search results, they are more likely to make a purchase.


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