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As a certified Amazon Advertising Partner, WBX Commerce uses every Amazon advertising tool offered to ensure your brand’s products get the attention they deserve. We provide a range of managed Amazon ad services alongside strategy, including organic and paid search advertising, display ads and platform-specific programs, such as Amazon’s Deal of the Day access. We take a unique, data-driven approach to search advertising that targets your ideal customers and yields profitable and consistent results for brands across industries.

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Search Advertising on Amazon

Search advertising is a must for any marketer’s Amazon advertising plan. Algorithms change, as do consumer shopping behaviors, so to truly benefit from Amazon search advertising, your brand needs a dedicated team to test and optimize continuously. WBX Commerce is here to help. Our team of Amazon advertising, content, and data science experts leverage Amazon data to produce insights and expand your brand’s reach. Our proprietary tool WBX Insights surfaces real-time data on consumer behavior and product performance to optimize your ad strategy. 

  • See your competitive landscape on Amazon within product categories as well as your share of voice by search term.
  • Understand the correlation between Amazon ad sales and total sales.
  • Identify brand halo trends – anytime you advertise for one product and drive sales for another. 

Types of Amazon Search Ads

By offering turnkey advertising solutions, WBX Commerce help brands make their products more visible to customers and drive growth. In fact, our data shows that successful advertising on Amazon drives 60% of total growth on the platform. The Amazon marketing services experts at WBX Commerce have the tools and knowledge to successfully and tactfully promote your products and brand using several different types of search advertising tactics.

Amazon Sponsored Product Ads

Sponsored Products are essential ad types that promote individual products on Amazon within the Amazon search results page and on product detail pages. These search ads tend to be one of the most effective ways to get your products discovered on Amazon. At WBX Commerce, we utilize Sponsored Products to place your products front and center for shoppers who are searching for your product as well as those searching for similar products. We utilize WBX Insights to identify how many conversions you own as well as share of voice by search term in order to optimize your terms and make smarter decisions around Sponsored Product placement and search advertising spend. 

Amazon Sponsored Brand Ads

Most effective at driving brand and product discovery, Amazon’s Sponsored Brands are banner-style, cost-per-click (CPC) ads typically positioned at the top of the Amazon search results page. We’ve found that on average, when brands integrate Sponsored Brand ads into their search advertising strategy, they open up an additional 10 to 20 percent of available ad impressions to increase visibility. As part of your search advertising package, we’ll test creative assets to see what’s driving the highest conversions and the biggest return on advertising. WBX Commerce also runs Sponsored Brand Video ads as part of its search advertising strategy for brands. Sponsored Brand Video ads offer additional creative elements for brand storytelling and typically result in high conversion rates. 

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads

WBX Commerce will also run your brand’s Sponsored Display ads, purchased on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis, on platform as well as on Amazon DSP. Given their versatile nature, display ads can be tested on a combination of platforms for maximum audience reach. Our team of data scientists mine Amazon data to map your customers’ journeys and determine the most profitable placement for these display ads, whether on platform or off. Amazon has found that advertisers who utilize Sponsored Display in their Amazon advertising strategy see up to 82% of their sales driven by new-to-brand customers

Customer Success Story

"By working with WBX Commerce and using Sponsored Products, EM Games was able to reach new customers and achieve successful results during the holiday season. In less than two months of advertising, EM Games generated close to 13MM impressions while spending almost 50% less on advertising in 2018 than it spent in 2017. This resulted in an 8% increase in sales attributed to search advertising."

How WBX Commerce’s Managed Amazon Search Advertising Services Provide Results

WBX Commerce combines our team of marketing services experts and data scientists with proprietary decisioning tools to maximize your band’s sales and increase ad efficiency. Your brand will have access to the latest Amazon technology to reach new-to-brand customers, retain repeat customers and increase brand awareness on and off Amazon. Because of WBX Commerce’s Amazon partnership, our partners get access to Amazon’s entire suite of tools and resources to maximize search advertising efforts and unlock greater value for brands.

With regular performance evaluations by our team of data scientists, WBX offers insight into the ROI on ad spend in relation to your total sales — providing our marketplace growth team with continuous suggestions for content optimization and appropriate ad spend. Whether you’re a brand with an in-house team or looking for fully managed advertising services, we can offer you a clear understanding of how to drive demand through Amazon search advertising.

Read how managed advertising services can grow your business — profitably.

Increasing Amazon Sales


Our self-built business intelligence tool, WBX Insights, aggregates all of your Amazon data into one platform to identify which search advertising strategies are supporting measurable, meaningful growth for your business. On a competitive platform like Amazon, it can be hard to measure brand loyalty, but within WBX Insights, we offer our partners access to Amazon Market Basket Data, which helps you better understand what products in your line consumers have in their shopping cart and how often, plus visibility into shopping cart data outside your own products. We then use this information not only for consumer targeting through our search advertising efforts, but also to make recommendations to your brand around new product bundling opportunities.

Lowering Amazon Advertising Costs

Our team of data scientists uses our proprietary business intelligence tool, WBX Insights, to analyze and optimize campaigns on Amazon, view consumer purchase behavior and cross-channel sales trends, and understand which search advertising tactics drive the most demand for your brand. WBX Commerce is here to help you lower advertising costs and increase ad spend efficiency. Our team will analyze your brand’s halo trends — anytime you advertise for one product on Amazon but drive sales for another — to spot new Amazon advertising opportunities. Additionally, we look at what products were compared with your own during the shopping process and which you lost out on in order to better optimize our search terms, listings and ad spend for your brand.

Lowering Cost of Goods Sold on Amazon

Our technology delivers unique marketplace insights to help brands maximize sales and ecommerce efficiencies. Brands can use this data to create and test multi-packs, variety packs and new product configurations on their product listings. WBX Commerce will run Amazon search advertising campaigns so your team can gauge consumer interest and better plan for demand before devoting budget toward new product configurations. Our team uses WBX Insights to help you identify these new bundle configurations with market basket data and our team can create corresponding new product listings in real-time.

Full-funnel Ad Strategy

Connecting Amazon Paid Search Advertising with Amazon Demand-side Platform

WBX Commerce creates full-funnel advertising strategies that target customers at all stages of their buying journeys. We drive demand for your brand and get you in front of in-market buyers when and where it matters most. Our experts help you build a detailed Amazon growth strategy that not only makes promoting your products easier and more effective but also makes sure your products reach your target customer — getting you profitable, faster.

Different advertising strategies are effective at reaching customers at different stages of the buying journey, but our data shows that brands that run Amazon search advertising in tandem with Amazon Demand-side Platform (DSP) advertisements see conversion rates four times higher than brands that run paid search advertising tactics alone. As one of the limited number of Amazon advertising partners with access to Amazon DSP, WBX Commerce can supercharge your search advertising strategy with a tailored DSP advertising solution and help your brand grow sales.

Run search advertising in-house and want to keep it that way? Our Amazon marketing services team can connect your in-house search advertising efforts with our Amazon DSP efforts through the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), which gives you access to more data and insights to optimize your business. Learn more about WBX Commerce’s display advertising solutions on Amazon’s DSP.

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Search Advertising FAQs

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