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Among all the digital advertising platforms, the Amazon DSP is a powerhouse. It offers matchless access to the best ad real estate and a huge audience of potential customers. In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of utilizing Amazon DSP and why partnering with a reseller can be a game-changer for brands and agencies alike.

Defining Amazon DSP

Amazon DSP, or Demand-Side Platform, is a cutting-edge advertising tool. It allows advertisers to programmatically (AKA automatically) buy display and video ad placements both on and off Amazon-owned sites. It’s an important platform in digital advertising because it gives advertisers exclusive access to prime ad space on Amazon-owned sites like, IMDb, and Prime Video, as well as premium third-party platforms.

Unlocking Exclusive Ad Real Estate

One of the most compelling aspects of Amazon DSP is the exclusive access it provides to coveted ad placements. With millions of shoppers visiting Amazon-owned sites daily, advertisers can reach their target audience at every stage of the consumer journey, from initial product discovery to final purchase decision. By leveraging Amazon DSP, brands and agencies can maximize their advertising impact and drive meaningful results across the entire customer funnel.

The Amazon DSP Advantage

The Amazon DSP advantage lies in its ability to streamline the process of ad purchasing and optimization, empowering advertisers with sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities. This automation not only saves time but also enhances efficiency by targeting the right audience segments with precision, thus minimizing wasted ad spend. 

Key benefits of the Amazon DSP Advantage include:

  • Automated ad purchasing and optimization
  • Sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities
  • Access to exclusive ad placements on Amazon-owned sites and select third-party platforms
  • Enhanced efficiency in targeting the right audience segments
  • Minimization of wasted ad spend

Crafting a Full-Funnel Advertising Strategy

Crafting a full-funnel advertising strategy is important for advertisers seeking to establish a robust online presence and generate significant outcomes. This approach entails integrating various advertising channels, including: 

  • Search advertising
  • Streaming TV
  • Streaming audio
  • Display ads
  • Social media advertising

By strategically combining these channels, brands can effectively capture audience attention, drive engagement, and ultimately inspire action, whether making a purchase or subscribing to a service. Moreover, a full-funnel approach facilitates consistent brand messaging across multiple touchpoints, reinforcing brand identity and fostering long-term customer loyalty.

Enhancing Conversions with DSP Advertising

Converting customers into loyal patrons is the ultimate goal for any brand. DSP advertising is a powerful tool in achieving this objective, offering a range of strategies and capabilities to drive conversions.

  • Highly Targeted Ads: DSPs leverage sophisticated targeting parameters and real-time bidding algorithms to ensure that ads are served to users who are most likely to engage and convert, maximizing the efficiency of advertising spend.
  • Dynamic Creative Optimization: DSPs enable advertisers to implement dynamic creative optimization, allowing for personalized ad experiences tailored to individual users. 
  • Seamless Channel Integration: DSP advertising facilitates seamless integration across multiple channels, enabling brands to reach consumers at various touchpoints throughout their journey. 

Maximizing DSP Advertising Effectiveness: Best Practices

While DSP advertising offers powerful tools and capabilities, maximizing its effectiveness requires strategic planning and execution. Here are some best practices to ensure success with DSP advertising campaigns:

  • Define Clear Objectives: Begin by establishing clear campaign objectives, whether it’s increasing brand awareness, driving website traffic, or boosting sales. 
  • Audience Segmentation: Utilize audience segmentation to tailor your ads to different audience segments based on demographics, interests, behaviors, and buying intent. 
  • Creative Optimization: Invest in compelling ad creatives that capture attention and convey your brand message effectively. An expert Amazon advertising agency like WBX Commerce can help you test different ad formats, visuals, and messaging to identify what resonates best with your target audience and drives the highest conversions.
  • A/B Testing: Conduct A/B testing to experiment with variables such as ad copy, visuals, landing pages, and calls to action. 
  • Conversion Tracking: Implement robust conversion tracking mechanisms to accurately measure the impact of your DSP advertising efforts. 
  • Work with Amazon Advertising Professionals: It’s critical to work with experienced Amazon advertising professionals who possess in-depth knowledge of DSP platforms and best practices. These experts can provide valuable insights, optimize campaign performance, and ensure that your DSP advertising efforts yield maximum results.

Amazon DSP Reseller Program with WBX Commerce

Gain access and expertise with WBX Commerce, an Amazon-approved partner certified to lease DSP rights to brands and agencies. By licensing the Amazon DSP through WBX Commerce, advertisers can expand their access to a wider inventory of ad space, enhancing their reach and recognition. Moreover, WBX Commerce offers comprehensive onboarding support to get you started. (We also offer managed services for DSP campaigns, including strategic planning, ad creative development, and performance optimization — for more on that, check out our DSP management services.)

The In-House Advantage

For advertisers looking to bring the DSP in-house, WBX Commerce’s Amazon DSP Reseller Program offers a major advantage. With WBX Commerce’s expertise coupled with the opportunity for expanded access, brands and agencies can take their advertising efforts to the next level. From scaling campaigns to optimizing performance, partnering with WBX Commerce for access to the ADSP provides the support and resources brands need to succeed.

User-Friendly Platform

The ADSP offers an intuitive platform to plan, execute, and measure your ad campaigns. With its user-friendly interface, advertisers can easily navigate through campaign setup, audience targeting, ad creative management, and performance monitoring. The platform also includes a library of classes, instructional videos, and resources to help advertisers maximize their campaigns.

Accessing WBX Glass through our Reseller Program

In addition to gaining access to the Amazon DSP, you will also have access to Glass Lite. WBX Glass provides invaluable insights and capabilities, enhancing your Amazon advertising strategy. Here’s how:

  • Critical Insights: WBX Glass harnesses the power of the Amazon Marketing Cloud, providing you with comprehensive insights to optimize your campaigns. Gain a deeper understanding of your advertising performance with metrics such as attribution confidence, lifetime customer value, off-Amazon impact, and more.
  • Optimized Retargeting Efforts: Make informed decisions on retargeting strategies with WBX Glass retargeting recommendations. Maximize the effectiveness of your ad spend by targeting the most relevant audiences every time. 
  • Streaming TV Path to Conversion: With WBX Glass, you’ll uncover valuable insights into the streaming TV path to conversion. Understand how your streaming TV ads impact customer behavior and drive conversions.

By licensing the DSP through our reseller program, you not only gain access to exclusive ad real estate and advanced targeting capabilities but also unlock the full potential of your advertising strategy with WBX Glass. You’ll grow your brand awareness, increase conversions, and uncover new growth opportunities with WBX Commerce’s comprehensive suite of tools and support. 

In Conclusion

Amazon DSP advertising offers brands access to the best ad real estate and a wide audience of high-potential customers. By accessing the ADSP through WBX Commerce’s reseller program, brands and agencies can access DSP advertising and maximize their effectiveness. Whether reaching new customers, driving conversions, or fostering customer engagement, Amazon DSP advertising offers limitless possibilities for advertisers looking to grow their business.

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