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At WBX Commerce, we combine our extensive Amazon expertise with an industry leading data science team and proprietary technology to help brands navigate and compete in this crowded and complex marketplace. Our Amazon marketing services team leverages data to uncover which Amazon advertising strategies are moving your products, which products are performing the best and where, as well as how you’re stacking up against the competition. Unlock the power of your ecommerce data and increase sales with WBX Commerce.

How WBX Commerce Uses WBX Insights to Increase Sales and Lower Costs of Amazon Advertising Services

Ecommerce data can be difficult to acquire, compile and analyze, but WBX Commerce offers a clear and comprehensive way to leverage all your Amazon data in one place — making it easy to identify opportunities to increase sales and lower costs. WBX Commerce’s proprietary decisioning tool, WBX Insights, enables brands to quickly measure Amazon advertising and sales performance, understand product as well as customer trends, and identify new revenue potential. With WBX Insights, brands get transparency into the ecommerce data that drives our Amazon marketing services team’s decisions, including search term and ad performance analytics, customer demographics and purchase behavior stats, and sales data, such as geographical data, product line information, time-of-day purchase data and more.

WBX Insights Helps Optimize Your Amazon Search Advertising Performance

WBX Commerce’s marketplace insights elevate brands to make data-driven decisions across retail channels, helping them increase sales and reduce costs. With a multitude of reports and dashboards, WBX Commerce provides brands with a clear summary of your return on advertising spend (ROAS), top searches occurring on Amazon and top products converting that search. We’ll also show you correlations between your ad-driven sales and total sales. Utilizing WBX Insights, brands can easily identify how many conversions they own in order to optimize search terms and listings, plus a clear view of what’s driving traffic to make smarter decisions around Amazon ad spend.

Customer Data Insights that Increase Return on Amazon Ad Spend

WBX Commerce’s team of data scientists analyze Amazon advertising campaigns to understand which advertising tactics are reaping the most rewards for your brand. Our team strives to maximize your return on ad spend but also lower your advertising costs overall. We view customer purchase behavior, such as what products were compared with yours during the shopping experience, as well as brand halo trends — anytime you advertise for one product but drive sales for another product on or off Amazon. Understanding these shopping behaviors helps us identify new Amazon advertising opportunities. Additionally, WBX Insights reports on the demographics of your customers, such as age, gender, marital status, household income and more, to help brands make more targeted decisions on their Amazon ad spend. 

Utilizing Cross-platform Data to Help Your Amazon Ads Strategy

Understanding how Amazon advertising spend leads to higher sales and new customer acquisition is critical. Our Amazon marketing services team uses WBX Insights to help you make data-driven decisions around your Amazon advertising and sales strategies. If you’re running Amazon search advertising in tandem with Amazon DSP ads, we’ll also leverage Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) — data not all agencies and brands have access to — to identify how ad tactics on different platforms are working together and which are proving the highest rewards. This includes where you’re gaining the most new-to-brand customers, any device-specific shopping behaviors and offline sales trends. We use this ecommerce data to appropriately place Amazon ads and develop a long term strategy for retention of repeat customers and acquisition of new customers. 

WBX Insights, in addition to WBX Commerce’s managed services, has proven 15% monthly growth for brands. 

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Mapping the Amazon Ad Customer Journey

Consumer and marketplace fragmentation makes accessing cohesive ecommerce data a major headache for brands. Gathering and analyzing this data across platforms is not only time-consuming but also resource-intensive. But with WBX Commerce, brands get full visibility into their customers’ journeys across Amazon channels — both on and off platform. And an easy-to-follow customer journey can uncover how new customers are best acquired, where repeat purchases occur, and what each cohort buys — putting a previously fragmented picture together to form a concise narrative that drives advertising strategy.

WBX Commerce’s data science team will help uncover insights in your brand’s unique customer journey to maximize Amazon advertising effectiveness for your most important audiences. We’ll help you understand whether your media campaigns are driving offline sales and what your ad-attributed purchase rates are when combining tactics. 

Leveraging data from Amazon Marketing Cloud, our team will track your customers’ paths to conversion by device, including the ways users move between devices as they engage with your ads through their journey. These insights can help you optimize your device-specific experience and Amazon ad strategy to match. 

Ecommerce Data Helps Brands Develop New Amazon Product Offerings

WBX Commerce offers brands access to Amazon Market Basket data through WBX Insights. This ecommerce data helps brands understand what products in your line consumers have in their shopping cart and how often, as well as visibility into shopping cart data outside your own products — not just what was purchased with your product but also what products you lost out to during the shopping process. Our data science team will help you identify new bundling opportunities and inspire new product ideation with this shopping cart data. 

Our content optimization team can create listings in real time for product variety and multipacks on your Amazon digital shelf. Our process makes it easy to test demand through Amazon advertising campaigns run by our Amazon marketing services team

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Customer Success Story

"Using WBX Commerce’s WBX Insights, the team accessed trending reports to identify which products were losing the Buy Box to resellers. WBX Commerce’s ability to view the data needed to offer insights and analysis on building multi-packs and implementing pricing automation helped Ricola outpace competitors and win the Buy Box."

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