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Client Stories


Ricola is a family-owned and operated Swiss manufacturer of herbal cough drops. Nestled in northwest Switzerland, Ricola has been a household name since 1930 and has been stocked on store shelves for just as long. With a solid handle on the brick-and-mortar retail model, the company was looking to expand to ecommerce and needed a partner to build and execute a direct-to-consumer strategy.

Slap Ya Mama

After creating their signature cajun spice blend, Slap Ya Mama built a brand that spread to stores across the country, and they had their own online store to boot. Co-founding brothers Jack and Joseph Walker knew they had a great brand that could only get better as they expanded their line of spices and delved into other cooking mixes.

But there was one ingredient missing from their success story: Amazon.

An Amazon Case Study

EM Games: Awkward Storyteller

EM Games, the creator of the popular board game The Awkward Storyteller, partnered with WBX Commerce to scale and grow the business with a key focus on holiday sales. WBX Commerce led their Amazon advertising strategy as well as managed fulfillment for the brand. To read more, check out the Amazon case study. Note: This case study was written prior to our 2023 rebrand, so it references our original company name, Whitebox.


Amazon Marketing Cloud

A health and wellness CPG brand selling a range of products sold on Amazon was struggling to identify which advertising campaigns were making the largest impact on topline sales. This led to insufficient ad spend and limited revenue growth.