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Walmart Marketplace Management: Grow Your Brand and Increase Revenue

WBX Commerce offers premium Walmart Marketplace Management services to brands looking to thrive on this rapidly expanding ecommerce platform.

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Over the past few years, Walmart Marketplace has seen massive growth. As Marketplace Pulse reports, Walmart added over ten million new products and ten thousand new sellers to the platform in 2019 alone. Check out how WBX Commerce can help your brand grow with Walmart Marketplace Management.

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic pushing even more people to buy online, this growth has continued well into 2020. In fact, as a recent article from Digital Commerce 360 notes, Walmart reported a 97% increase in its online sales in the second quarter of the 2021 fiscal year. This makes Walmart Marketplace Management important to any ecommerce business brand looking for opportunities outside of Amazon.

While it still trails behind market-leader Amazon, Walmart Marketplace is fast becoming a key competitor in the eCommerce sector. As such, learning how to realize the full potential of this platform is increasingly important. WBX Commerce’s Walmart Marketplace management services can help brands leverage this eCommerce platform to increase sales, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition with speed, flexibility, and ease.

Walmart Marketplace: A Fast-Growing Ecommerce Platform

In 2009, Walmart optimized its status as a massive omnichannel retailer by creating Walmart Marketplace.

This platform hosts many small and medium businesses, but it has also forged partnerships with large well-known brands, such as Moosejaw, Hayneedle, and Bonobos. Additionally, in June 2020, Walmart Marketplace joined forces with Shopify, with the intent to add 1,200 of this platform’s sellers to Walmart Marketplace by the end of the year.

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Clear Benefits

Competitive Value for Ecommerce Brands

According to a regularly updated chart from Marketplace Pulse, Walmart Marketplace includes over 57,000 sellers. It is important to note, though, that this platform’s selling community is not as large as Amazon Marketplace.

In light of this, brands may think, Why bother with Walmart Marketplace when we can focus on Amazon Marketplace instead?

However, brands that expand their selling strategies to Walmart Marketplace face some clear benefits. Notably, the platform’s slightly smaller size actually provides more opportunities for brands to stand out and achieve their sales objectives.

Additionally, by selling on Walmart Marketplace, brands can take advantage of Walmart’s long-standing brand familiarity as well as its unique customer base. Many consumers tend to be loyal to a marketplace for their purchases. This is especially true of Walmart’s customers.

WBX Commerce has seen on its platform that 96% of Walmart Marketplace customers were unique to that site. This means that Walmart Marketplace provides brands with an opportunity to increase their exposure to an even wider customer base and maximize sales beyond what would be possible with just Amazon Marketplace alone.

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

With Walmart Marketplace, brands create their own accounts and can customize every step of the selling process. They control everything from payment and shipping options to return policies.

While offering brands the opportunity to customize the selling process, the platform also provides resources to streamline the selling process. For example, Walmart Marketplace API integration helps sellers efficiently manage their products and activities, such as promotions and pricing. This API is directly compatible with WBX Commerce’s own state of the art eCommerce analysis software.

Another standout feature of this platform is that it does not require any setup, subscription, or monthly fees for brands wanting to sell on the platform. Walmart Marketplace instead deducts a referral fee from the sales of products on its platform.

Brands looking for more information on the basics of getting started on Walmart Marketplace can check out the platform’s thorough library of QuickStart Guides.

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Help Brands Optimize

The Role of WBX Commerce Marketplace Management

Put simply, a marketplace manager’s role is to help brands optimize marketplace sales and create new opportunities. More specifically, a marketplace manager can show brands how to do the following:

  • Increase traffic, find new customers, and upsell existing ones
  • Track sales trends across channels in real-time
  • Test and leverage new markets on a global scale
  • Monitor competition and devise strategies for staying ahead of the curve
  • Optimize inventory and fulfillment protocols

This is where WBX Commerce comes in. With its extensive ecommerce know-how and a wide range of marketplace management services, WBX Commerce is ready to help brands maximize their success on Walmart Marketplace.

The Benefits of Walmart Marketplace Management for Your Brand

WBX Commerce knows that selling products via online marketplaces is a challenging endeavor. Brands have to keep on top of everything from marketing and orders to inventory, fulfillment, and logistics. But they do not have to do so alone. With its premium marketplace management services, WBX Commerce helps brands thrive in an increasingly competitive eCommerce environment.

WBX Commerce’s first step to helping a client is learning about the brand and its products.

From there, the company works with the brand to determine the best way to package and transport its products to customers.

Notably, WBX Commerce creates product pages that use search engine optimization best practices to direct customers to its clients on Walmart Marketplace. When customers make purchases, the pages promptly update, and the brand receives a notification when it’s time to restock.

However, WBX Commerce also understands that products are only one part of brand success. To ensure a brand’s overall longevity and quality, WBX Commerce provides brands with regular feedback to guide marketing, operations, and product development decisions.

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Delivering Quality Goods

Packaging and Shipping Assurance

WBX Commerce conducts thorough research and consultations to make sure it handles a brand’s products in the best way possible. The company has come up with a detailed quality control checklist that considers every vital aspect of the packaging and shipping process—from regulations to product protection to packaging color.

In today’s increasingly competitive eCommerce environment, shipping is an especially important factor in the customer experience. According to a Deloitte survey, 62% of online customers consider fast shipping to be two days or fewer. Fortunately, WBX Commerce is ready to help brands meet customers’ high expectations for fast shipping. All brands who use WBX Commerce to sell on Walmart Marketplace are eligible for two-day shipping. This ensures that customers can get their purchases as soon as possible and without leaving the comfort and safety of their homes.

While providing a clear benefit to customers, this fast shipping also benefits brands as well. Within the first year of introducing two-day delivery, Walmart Marketplace reported that sellers who utilized this option experienced a 40% increase in their gross merchandise volume and were able to increase product views by 150%.

These numbers suggest that offering two-day shipping to customers provides clear benefits to a brand’s bottom line. And this is especially true when brands take advantage of WBX Commerce’s fulfillment services. With WBX Commerce’s 99% success rate for two-day delivery, brands have the opportunity to boost customers’ perception of their reliability and commitment to delivering quality goods.

WBX Commerce Technology

After initially helping set brands up for success on Walmart Marketplace, WBX Commerce continues to work with them to monitor their success and provide recommendations for keeping it going. Key to this is WBX Commerce’s proprietary eCommerce technology, which enables an all-around assessment of brand performance on one powerful platform. These are just some of its capabilities:

  • Detecting trends in customers’ shopping and buying behaviors
  • Utilizing ads, promos, and deals to steer customers toward products
  • Keeping track of inventory, orders, and returns
  • Monitoring a brand’s sales performance and position in the market share

Essentially, with the proprietary technology, WBX Commerce enables brands to follow sales trends as well as the health of their listings across all channels, including Walmart Marketplace, all in real-time. Brands can keep track of what is selling where, which ads are moving the most products, and what the competition is doing, all on one integrated platform.

The value of this technology is clear. In September 2020, WBX Commerce reported that its clients saw a 53% increase in new customer acquisition, a 180% spike in ad-driven sales, and a 1,052% increase in direct-to-consumer growth across all channels where they sell.

The company also reported a 348% increase in its own revenue. But rather than pocketing this revenue, WBX Commerce invested it into enhancing its operations and providing even better services to its clients.

WBX Commerce is ready to help

Expand Your Brand with WBX Commerce

All in all, Walmart Marketplace provides a valuable low-competition ecommerce environment where sellers can reach a broad audience and maximize their brand visibility. The platform is continually expanding and rising to the challenge of increasing customer demand, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With proven capability in helping its clients achieve success, WBX Commerce is ready to help your brand leverage this growing ecommerce platform for increased sales and stay ahead of the competition.

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WBX Commerce Health Report

The WBX Commerce Health Report is a great first step in optimizing your listings. Our in-depth report gathers data from your listings, keywords search data, and competitive listings to score your listing and provide data-backed recommendations on opportunities and optimizations.

Get an in-depth analysis of each of your listings by ASIN, along with a WBX Commerce Opportunity Score to help you prioritize the listings to focus on first. 

  • EBC Inclusion
  • Image & Video Evaluation 
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  • Node Count Opportunity 

Understand where your listings are potentially missing out on sales because they aren’t indexing for search. See how often your product indexes for a given keyword.

Know how the amount and quality of your reviews are trending over time.

  • Year-over-year review counts 
  • Month-over-month new review additions by product 
  • Average Review Rating by month and by product

Grasp the market share potential and gain insights into your direct competitor’s marketplace performance.

  • Total Products Being Sold by Brand 
  • Monthly Order by Brand 
  • Monthly Revenue by Brand

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