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Optimize Your Marketplace Sales & Create New Opportunities

How can selling on Amazon inform selling on Walmart, Shopify, Facebook and other outlets? WBX Commerce gives you a unified, transparent view of the who/what/where driving all your sales — from one powerful platform. Our technology surfaces real-time marketplace insights that our experts use to optimize product listings, rankings, catalog recommendations and advertising. Our tech-optimized, high-volume, low-defect nationwide fulfillment network creates new marketplace opportunities. So you can sell more to more customers, everywhere they are.

"Due to the nature of the product [a board game], it was important for us to stay top of mind during the holiday season. Working with WBX Commerce allowed us to build an effective holiday retail strategy in order to drive peak sales."

- Bruno Saboga, Creator of The Awkward Storyteller, EM Games (Click to Read Amazon Case Study)

Expertise in Marketplace Selling & Logistics

Amazon Marketplace Management

Selling on Amazon marketplace (or anywhere else) is easy and lucrative with WBX Commerce. We create a customized data-driven strategy for marketplace selling that optimizes your product pricing, listing creation, rankings, shipping and relationship management.


Amazon Marketing Agency

Advertising is part art, part science. Our in-house accredited agency uses rich data to create custom microsites, manage ad campaigns and more so we reach your customer with the right message. We drive demand for your brand and get you in front of in-market buyers when it matters most. 


Amazon Listing Optimization

Getting the right attention for your product isn’t “set it and forget it.” WBX Commerce monitors channel performance in real time to seize sales opportunities. From optimizing product listings and testing product packs to varying pricing and shipping, increasing cart size is the prize. 


Marketplace Logistics

Whether you ship products directly to Amazon storage facilities or fulfill marketplace orders from our warehouses, WBX Commerce services your marketplace listings via any marketplace prep or DTC fulfillment shipments.  

Check Your Marketplace Health Today

How do you really stack up to the competition? Is your marketplace presence as strong as it can be? WBX Commerce knows so you can too. Our Marketplace Health Report is a data-packed analysis of your listings vs. the total category and your competition. We provide actionable insights and recommendations to optimize your advertising strategy. Get your custom report to see:

Your Marketplace Health

  • Marketplace Performance Evaluation
  • Listing Quality Check 
  • Review Analysis 
  • Product Catalog Analysis 

Your Competitor
and Market Analysis

  • Competitor Sales Velocity 
  • Market Sizing
  • Search Terms Insights

Get Your Marketplace Health Report to See How WBX Commerce Can Improve Your Marketplace Selling Strategy

Get Your Complimentary WBX Commerce Marketplace Health Report

Amazon and Walmart Marketplace Prep

For each and every product, WBX Commerce creates a multipage quality control checklist to ensure an optimal ecommerce experience.

  • Did the product get damaged in shipment?
  • Is it the right color?
  • Are we making a multipack?
  • Do we need to put the item in a new box?
  • Are regulatory stickers needed?
  • Are expiration date labels viewable?


Selling on Walmart Marketplace

In addition to millions of loyal brick-and-mortar retail customers, Walmart offers a robust ecommerce marketplace. Walmart Marketplace gives our clients the opportunity to connect with millions of Walmart customers online and expand their customer base. To learn more about Walmart Marketplace opportunities, reach out to our team. 

Amazon Prime and Walmart Two-Day Shipping for Marketplace Selling

Amazon Prime

Walmart Two-Day

Marketplace Insights
Across Customers and Channels

Get the whole marketplace picture with one platform — WBX Commerce. Unlock the customer journey and path to purchase across all your channels. Use those rich insights to inform your other marketing efforts or product development while we supercharge your marketplace selling.

  • Use cross-channel sales data to accurately measure customer lifetime value.  
  • Understand sales velocity by viewing total sales trends across all channels or a single marketplace.
  • Identify geos where sales are hockey sticking to move the product closer to customers.
  • Get demo intel of who’s really buying to inform your product teams’ upgrades and iteration
  • Use customer behavior such as search terms to inform brand marketing on other channels.
  • See inside the cart for potential brand partnerships or co-marketing opportunities.

How WBX Commerce Marketplace Management Works

Send Us Your Products

When you choose WBX Commerce, we consult with you on how much inventory you need to send to each location based on historical sales, advertising spend and sales channel strategy. And, as time passes, our algorithms learn your products' rhythms — so you can always stay in stock.

Warehousing and Distribution

Our network of strategically located fulfillment centers gets your products closer to your customers. Our technology and processes translate to efficient and accurate fulfillment. Speed, accuracy and your happy customers are our top priorities.

Marketplace Prep

With WBX Commerce sending direct to marketplace, you can trust our master prep teams to pack and ship kitting and fulfillment with care and attention. Each of your products follows a comprehensive checklist of customized preparation details on its journey from warehouse to customer to ensure your product arrives on time and precisely as you intended.

Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

WBX Commerce handles logistics and fulfillment for anything you need - branded store, drop-ship, Seller Fulfilled Prime, Walmart Two-Day

Create and Optimize Walmart and Amazon Listings

We create product pages on Amazon and Walmart Marketplace. Each time a purchase occurs, all of the quantities on your product pages are updated. Don't worry, we'll also let you know when you need to send us more stuff. Leveraging over a decade of experience, a key part of our listing process is research of keywords, titles and categorization to steer customers to your product first.

Marketplace Insights

Uncover insights to enhance marketing, operations, and product decision-making

Returns Management

WBX Commerce ensures that any damaged or lost inventory is quickly handled, and returns are processed promptly. We answer questions about shipments. Real-time product feedback can be used to guide your product development and marketing efforts as well.

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