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Advertising Managed Services

WBX Commerce offers managed advertising services to optimize ads and product sales for a wide variety of verticals. We combine our team of advertising strategists and data science experts with our innovative decisioning tools to design and execute data-informed plans that gain new-to-brand customers and increase repeat customers. From audience targeting, campaign management and measurement to content optimization, storefront design and unique insights, our Amazon marketing services team is here to grow your business.

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How WBX Commerce Helps Brands Grow Profitably on Amazon

Whether you're a first-party or third-party seller, WBX Commerce takes the pain out of advertising on the world’s largest marketplace and drives profitable Amazon growth.

How? We’re a certified Amazon Advertising Partner with an in-house managed services team that has access to resources, tools, and data to unlock greater value for our client partners.

We offer data-based strategy for both search and display advertising, including Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP), to create full-funnel media plans that reach customers at every stage of their shopping journeys.

Let us take charge of your marketplace growth while you focus on business operations and customer happiness. Curious how we’ve helped our partners grow their Amazon sales up to 400% in just five months? 

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Amazon Streaming TV, Video and Display Advertising

WBX Commerce’s Amazon marketing services team designs and executes data-informed streaming TV, display and video advertising plans on Amazon’s Demand-side Platform (DSP) to target your ideal customers and yield profitable, long-term results. Our Amazon ad agency leverages data from Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) as well as our proprietary business intelligence tool, WBX Insights, to analyze and optimize campaigns, view purchase behavior and cross channel trends, and understand which tactics drive the most demand for your brand. We’ll also use data to target where your brand should show up, whether that’s Amazon homepage, Fire TV Stick or even sites like ESPN.com and CNN.com. We’re here to connect your business with customers throughout their entire shopping experience — on and off platform — so you can increase brand awareness and grow sales.

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Amazon Search Advertising

WBX Commerce provides a range of Amazon search advertising services alongside strategy, including organic and paid search advertising, display ads and platform-specific programs, such as Amazon’s Deal of the Day access. As a certified Amazon Advertising Partner, WBX uses every Amazon advertising tool offered to ensure your brand gets the attention it deserves. Our team of data scientists leverages our proprietary business intelligence tool, WBX Insights to surface real-time data on consumer behavior and product performance to optimize Amazon search advertising efforts. We’ll show you your competitive landscape on Amazon within product categories, help you understand the correlation between your Amazon ad sales and total sales, and even identify brand halo trends — that’s anytime you advertise for one product and drive sales for another.

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Amazon Data and Insights

At WBX Commerce, we combine our extensive Amazon expertise with an industry leading data science team and proprietary technology to help brands navigate and compete on Amazon and beyond. Our Amazon ad agency will help you unlock the power of your ecommerce data to boost sales and reduce costs. WBX Commerce’s proprietary decisioning tool, WBX Insights, enables brands to quickly measure marketplace performance, understand customer and product trends, and identify new revenue potential. Plus, you’ll get access to every datapoint our Amazon advertising agency uses. You’ll never have to wonder exactly how your budget is allocated or how that budget has helped drive growth for your brand. We’ll pinpoint exactly why your sales are increasing, offer insights into purchase behaviors and trends, visualize how users are moving between devices and more. 

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Amazon Content Optimization

WBX Commerce also takes a data-driven approach to Amazon content strategy with the optimization of brands’ product listings, storefronts and more. And our Amazon ad agency’s unique combination of proprietary technology and talent gives brands an unmatched competitive edge. We’re continuously researching Amazon search trends and rankings to optimize keywords and content. With WBX Insights, our team of data scientists surfaces real-time insights on our clients’ product categories to get their products in front of the right consumers. With a dedicated content strategist from our Amazon marketing services team, we’ll create product listing content to win the Buy Box, increase discoverability across your catalog and boost your brand’s sales. Plus, we’ll perform ongoing performance evaluations to refresh content and keywords, maximize your brand’s reach and maintain marketplace growth. 

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What Our Customers Say About Us

"What really sets WBX Commerce apart are the people and its smart tech."

SKU Profitability Reports

Do you understand which of your SKUs drive the most topline revenue for your brand, and which ones are dragging down your bottom line?

WBX Commerce SKU-level profitability reports address the source of your revenue by tapping into actual payout statements from Shopify, Seller Central, and your 3PL. From there, we present revenue and all selling fees in an easy-to-read report based on the timeframe of your choice. By using actual payment data, our reports perfectly match the credits to your bank account for the specific timeframe, making them extremely accurate and useful for things like ad budgeting, ROI calculations, and more. They can even be used to help predict changes in net profit when prices change. 

Reports can be presented based on the SKU, ASIN, or SKU Group Type. Reach out for a custom report today.

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Selling on Walmart Marketplace

To make sure that your brand and product have as much reach as possible, WBX’s Amazon marketing services experts have developed expertise with other platforms, such as Walmart Marketplace. Walmart offers a robust ecommerce marketplace where brands can connect with millions of Walmart customers online. Similar to Amazon, Walmart offers a high level of personalization, especially with branding, to help attract and retain new customers.

Interested in learning how selling on Amazon can inform your selling on Walmart, Shopify, Facebook and other outlets? WBX Commerce gives you a unified, transparent view of the who/what/where driving all your sales — from one powerful platform.

Ready to take your Amazon business to the next level?

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