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Ecommerce marketplaces are here to stay and lucrative for brands with the right strategy in place from the start. With expertise across all marketplaces, WBX Commerce can help elevate your brand, grow top-line sales, and understand your advertising impact across ecommerce channels. We’ll create product pages that stand out, offer optimal pricing, increase rank high in your category, and drive conversions. And, our connected platform gives you access to insights across all ecommerce channels to increase visibility and make data-informed decisions.

Key Benefits

Omnichannel Marketplace Expertise

High touch and high tech, WBX Commerce uses data-driven best practices to sell successfully on Amazon and Walmart Marketplaces.

Cross-Channel Data

Surface cross-channel insights from all the places you sell — Amazon, Walmart Marketplace, and your own branded site — in one place with WBX Commerce's Omnifi™ platform. Have ready access to total ad spend, sales velocity, demographics, and more.

Integrated Supply & Demand

WBX Commerce manages all your marketplace relationships, wherever you sell — on Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central, Walmart Marketplace or a hybrid solution. We do all the heavy lifting from listing and optimizations to advertising, fulfillment and marketplace escalations. The synergy of supply and demand together creates connected operations, new sales opportunities, and better customer experience.

High-Tech & High-Touch

Our technology provides deep insights on customer and purchase trends to optimize ad strategies, our marketplace experts help our clients look at data differently across channels to create ad strategies specific to each marketplace.

"Working with Amazon directly was a huge hassle and took a ton of time to manage, we were constantly getting charged random fees, and we had no support at Amazon to help us with our online sales growth. But now with WBX Commerce, our profit margins and sales volume are increasing dramatically.

- Deborah Schimberg, President, Glee Gum Read Case Study

Full Service Amazon Marketing Agency

Our Amazon and Walmart Marketplace experts help you reach the millions of consumers who are researching and purchasing products online. Our completely managed service enables you to build out a detailed Walmart and Amazon Marketing Strategy to make product promotion recommendations to get your brand in front of your customer when they are in the purchase mindset.

Key Benefits: 

Drive Demand for Your Products 

We know Amazon and Walmart advertising opportunities inside and out so you can take advantage of Deal of the Day and other promotional programs. 

Increase Brand Awareness

Our team creates and executes your in-platform Amazon display and video campaigns to drive awareness of your brand.

Amazon Product Advertising

Stand out from the competitions with our accredited Amazon Marketing Experts. They create impactful campaigns using Amazon’s native ad tools and the Amazon DSP.

Organic & Paid Search

Our Marketplace Management team manages the entire process - from content creation to analytics - for your paid and organic search on Amazon

Sponsored Products

Help drive sales by advertising your products as Sponsored Products when consumers search for similar items

Sponsored Brands

These PPC ads feature your brand logo, headline, and key products appear in relevant search results and help generate awareness and drive traffic to your Amazon listings.

Amazon Stores

Amazon Stores bring your branding to the Amazon platform and allows you to showcase your entire product portfolio in your own words. Amazon Store insights help our team optimize your campaigns.

Deal of the Day access

Leverage WBX Commerce’s Amazon relationship to highlight your product with a one-day discount that increases day of sales and impacts your search rankings for months to come

Amazon DSP experts

With extensive Amazon DSP expertise our team focuses on your display and video display ad strategy

Understanding Which Marketplace Makes Sense for Your Brand

The good news is brands have options when it comes to ecommerce. Here’s a quick rundown of the marketplaces WBX Commerce can help you sell and fulfill on.

Amazon: Vendor Central Management

Amazon Vendor Central is a program for selling your products to Amazon. Amazon determines the brands and products they will allow to sell via Vendor Central. When using Vendor Central, the brand acts as a supplier to Amazon by selling to them in bulk, and Amazon then owns and sells your products directly. You are one step removed from the customer in this scenario. 

Amazon Vendor Central allows you to focus on fulfilling the purchase orders (POs) generated by Amazon. For many brands, managing the complex and unforeseen chargebacks coming from Amazon Vendor Central management tie up valuable company resources. Many of these chargebacks are not easily tracked, and it is extremely challenging to identify what caused the chargeback for dispute or process improvement purposes. WBX Commerce can help. Our experts focus on forecasting product orders, reducing chargebacks, and handling dispute resolutions.

Amazon: Seller Central Marketplace Management

Amazon Seller Central enables third-party sellers to sell directly on Amazon Marketplace. The program is used by brands and manufacturers to leverage Amazon to market and sell their products to millions of Amazon customers directly. Seller Central requires brands to handle fulfillment and returns of all products sold. For those selling high-volume product catalogs, this can be a challenge. 

 Working with an Amazon logistics partner like WBX Commerce means you can focus on your business while our team takes care of the storage, prep, and shipping for all your Amazon orders. You get access to a highly-rated, top-200 Amazon Seller account with guaranteed SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime), a dedicated account representative and strategic account services, as well as pre-approval to sell in most categories. Once your products are sold, there are several ways to ship to the customer. Our team can help you determine what option is best for your business: Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP), or Amazon’s FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). 

Additionally, for brands who prefer to host their own Amazon Seller Account, we can take on the responsibility of day-to-day management.

Walmart Marketplace Management

With 80 million-plus visitors per month, Walmart Marketplace is an essential eCommerce channel. WBX Commerce is one of the few Walmart Marketplace partners approved for Two-Day shipping across our entire catalog. That means your product will index higher in search results. Plus, we can reach 99% of Walmart Marketplace customers with Two-Day shipping.

How to Open an Amazon Storefront

Trademarked brands have access to Amazon’s Brand Registry program. This enables brands to create a custom Amazon Storefront and a landing page for Amazon or non-Amazon activities, both of which enhance brand awareness and cross-selling opportunities. 

  1. Secures your Amazon Brand Registry 
  2. Creates content, take photos and prepare your Storefront
  3. Optimize your Storefront to drive demand across your entire Amazon product catalog

Choosing an Amazon Marketing Company

Working with an experienced and accredited marketing team can make a significant positive impact when advertising on Amazon. Choose a team that is exclusively focused – an ecommerce marketing agency.

Walmart Marketing Agency

Discover new customers, improve visibility and increase sales with the WBX Commerce Walmart Marketing Agency experts. WBX Commerce keeps your product in stock, and ensures you win the buy box to make ads more effective.


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