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Ecommerce Software

WBX Commerce uses our proprietary ecommerce software, Omnifi™ throughout the entire ecommerce lifecycle. Our modern commerce platform yields access to unique data and insights to power your brand’s digital retail success.

Powered by Omnichannel Data

WBX Commerce Omnifi™ is the only ecommerce software to unite your inventory, order and marketplace demand data in one place.

This first-of-its-kind ecommerce software connects both sides of the business and empowers brands with unified insights. By combining datasets from sales and fulfillment transactions, each can inform the other, helping your brand maximize sales and efficiencies and easily spot opportunities to scale. Seize every opportunity in the value chain with WBX Commerce.

  • Stored data back to day one of your partnership
  • Updated daily with the previous day’s sales
  • Sales trend data, including geographic and channel distribution
  • Shipping insights and demand forecasting data

Modern eCommerce Software Platform

Connected to every relevant marketplace and platform, WBX Commerce technology gives brands a full-picture view of their ecommerce business, with the flexibility, transparency and speed to increase sales, reduce costs and enhance decision making.

Marketplace Insights

WBX Commerce offers marketplace insights around marketing, operations and product across all relevant retail channels to grow your brand’s ecommerce business. Get access to actionable data, such as which ads are moving products, what products are performing the best and where, and even benchmark your performance against the competition and market. See your sales trends across your portfolio or zoom into a single market to view product-specific trends with WBX Commerce's ecommerce software.

Marketplace Management

With WBX Commerce, your brand can access tools to automate and simplify the management of your online marketplaces, including review alerts, order tracking, reseller tracking and more. Spot trends in product reviews, in real time, to inform product listings, marketing and development.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Working with WBX Commerce has made us a more effective organization and allowed us to refocus internal resources on what we do best. From channel strategy to actual product listings, enhanced brand content, advertising and Amazon prep, WBX Commerce covered everything. What really sets WBX Commerce apart are the people and its smart tech, which provides transparency that allows for true partnership and a win/win relationship."

- Lucas Crowley, Director of Sales and Marketing, ChicoBag Company

"The key value WBX Commerce brings to the table for us is flexibility. Brands live and die by their ability to be flexible and change with the consumer. This flexibility has been key to our growth."

- Chris Tiffin, Director of Ecommerce, Super Coffee

WBX Insights

Intelligence to grow your marketplace business

WBX Commerce’s WBX Insights enables brands to quickly measure marketplace performance, understand customer and product trends, and identify revenue potential for smart ecommerce growth. Map customer behavior, optimize your search performance, drive marketing strategy and create new product offerings with this business intelligence tool.

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