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WBX Insights offers a full-picture view of your brand's Amazon data to grow your ecommerce business.

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Smart Marketplace Growth

Quickly measure your Amazon performance, understand customer and product trends, and identify new revenue potential.

Drive Marketing Strategy

Make actionable, data-driven decisions on your Amazon ad spend with WBX Insights. This product helps brands not only understand the correlation between Amazon ad sales and total sales but also identify brand halo trends — that’s anytime you advertise for one product and drive sales for another. Use this tool to inform and easily measure your ecommerce marketing strategies. Plus, with WBX Insights, you can keep an eye on your Buy Box win percentage with its daily performance snapshot.

Optimize Search Performance

Get a comprehensive view of your competitive landscape on Amazon within your product categories as well as your share of voice by search term. Use WBX Insights to identify how many conversions you own to help optimize your search terms and listings and make smarter decisions around ad spend. Plus, get a clear view into what’s driving traffic and sales for your competition.

Create New Product Offerings

Interested in expanding your product offerings? Use WBX Insights to identify bundling opportunities, with shopping cart data on what products were purchased with your own. You can also see the top products compared to your products during the shopping process, as well as what competitive products you’ve lost out to. These insights can help inspire new product ideation as well as variety and multi-pack ideas.

WBX Insights, in addition to WBX Commerce’s managed services, has proven an average 15% monthly growth.

Brands That Trust WBX

What Our Customers Are Saying

"Ricola has found WBX to be a really intuitive, engaging and user-friendly product. What sets WBX Commerce apart is its ability to build meaningful insights from the platform and create value for our business. This unique partnership model gives us the competitive advantage to activate and win on Amazon and shape our strategic thinking on our overall e-commerce business."

- Barshan Quadry, eCommerce Sales Strategy Manager, North America, Ricola

Centralized Ecommerce Data

WBX Commerce leverages WBX Insights to fuel data-driven decisions around your Amazon growth. Brands who purchase this tool get all their data, in one place, at their fingertips for full transparency into their Amazon business and the drivers behind our marketplace strategy.

Customer Data

WBX Insights provides demographic data on your customers, including age, gender, household income, marital status and more, plus customer cohort data on your new versus repeat purchasers by retail channel.

Digital Retail Data

See sales for any one — or all — of your products, including city, state and zip code level data. Customers can select specific time frames to view sales down to the hour of purchase.

Daily Data Refresh

With data updated daily from Amazon, customers have access to timely ecommerce sales data, populating the tool’s dashboards and visualizations with the previous day’s sales.

Unlimited Data Storage

All of your ecommerce data is saved in the tool, so your brand always has access to historical sales and advertising data, reaching back to day one of your WBX Commerce partnership — for performance benchmarking.

How We Use WBX Insights to Increase Sales and Lower Costs of Amazon Advertising Services

Ecommerce data can be difficult to acquire, compile and analyze, but WBX Commerce offers a clear and comprehensive way to leverage all your Amazon data in one place — making it easy to identify opportunities to increase sales and lower costs. Our proprietary decisioning tool WBX Insights enables brands to quickly measure Amazon advertising and sales performance, understand product and customer trends, and identify new revenue potential. With WBX Insights, brands get transparency into the ecommerce data that drives our Amazon marketing services team’s decisions, including search term and ad performance analytics, customer demographics and purchase behavior stats, and sales data, such as geographical data, product line information, time-of-day purchase data and more.

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See how WBX Insights can power your Amazon business.

  • One data platform for management of all sales
  • Insight into the ROI on ad spend in relation to total sales
  • Benchmark key metrics against competitive products 


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