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on May 3, 2021 by Harriet Carson in Marketplaces

How Amazon Marketing Service Ads Work

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If you’re serious about growing your brand on Amazon, you should consider partnering with Amazon marketing specialists and using Amazon Marketing Service Ads, like the team at WBX Commerce.

By offering turnkey solutions to promote brands and their products, Amazon ad agencies help brands make their products more visible to Amazon customers to drive growth. In fact, our data shows that successful advertising on Amazon drives 60% of total growth on the platform.

The Amazon marketing experts at WBX Commerce have the tools and knowledge to successfully and tactfully promote your products and brand using several different types of ad campaigns. Let’s talk about how Amazon marketing service ads work and the different types of ad strategies that can be implemented to help your business grow.

What Advertising Campaigns Can an Amazon Marketing Agency Help With?

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brands are banner-style cost-per-click (CPC) ads that typically display three of your products and your brand logo with a custom headline.Sponsored Brands are banner-style cost-per-click (CPC) ads that typically display three of your products and your brand logo with a custom headline. These types of ads are usually positioned prominently at the top of the Amazon search results page, but they can also appear in various other placements on Amazon.

Brands have control over the keywords and products they want to target and are able to set bids on a keyword and product level to maintain control of CPCs. Available to sellers in the Amazon Brand Registry program, as well as vendors and agencies, Sponsored Brands are especially effective for driving brand and product discovery. Sponsored Brand campaigns are an important part of your Amazon ad strategy as they open up an additional 10 to 20 percent of available ad impressions to increase brand and product visibility.

Sponsored Brand campaigns are visible on both the mobile and desktop versions of Amazon. These ads offer significant creative control. Brands can set them up to send customers to an Amazon storefront, browse pages or a product listing page for specific products. With Sponsored Brand campaigns, you can test various lifestyle images, headlines and logos to determine what drives the most conversions.

Sponsored Brands Video

Sponsored Brand video ads are another kind of Amazon ad type. Like headline search ads, Sponsored Brands video ads are also CPC-based ads and allow you to choose which keywords you want to target for each product you’re promoting. Customers who click on video ads go straight to a product detail page where they can find out more information about the product being promoted. These types of sponsored ads display high up on the search results page and typically result in high conversion rates as the additional creative element allows brands to tell their brand story as well as engage users through creative visuals and product positioning.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products promote individual products on Amazon, appearing within the Amazon search results page and on product detail pagesAlso operating on a CPC basis, Sponsored Products promote individual products on Amazon, appearing within the Amazon search results page and on product detail pages. Sponsored Product ads are essential as they appear on almost every page of the Amazon search results and are one of the most effective ways to get your products discovered on Amazon while increasing conversion rates. This type of ad is particularly useful for generating awareness of new products, and are crucial for increasing your share of voice in your product category.

Sponsored Products ads use both keyword targeting and product targeting. You can target relevant search terms in your category so that your listings show up in searches using those terms. You can also target competitor products to make your listings show up on similar product detail pages, these ads allow you to get in front of customers searching for relevant products in your category and allow you to reach customers in the consideration phase of the purchase journey.

There are two types of Sponsored Products campaigns: automatic campaigns and manual campaigns.

  • Automatic campaigns
    In an automatic campaign, you lose control of targeting but can set up a campaign very quickly. Amazon identifies keywords from your title, description, and other parts of your product listing, then uses those keywords to create your ad and display your product accordingly. Automatic campaigns are useful for identifying effective keywords you might be missing in manual campaigns, and you are able to manually add negative targets for any keywords or products you don’t want to spend against.
  • Manual campaigns 
    Manual campaigns enable you to manually select and bid for your keywords, offering more precise audience targeting and cost control. But they require more work—all the more reason to partner with an Amazon ad agency such as WBX Commerce.

Using both campaign types is key, automatic campaigns can be used as a harvesting tactic to identify new keywords and product targets to include in your manual campaigns, and manual campaigns allow you to maintain control over your targeting to maximize sales volume and drive incremental sales. Data shows that brands using Sponsored Products ads see an average 40% lift in weekly units ordered.

Sponsored Display

Sponsored Display ads appear not only on Amazon but also on third-party websites and apps, helping brands engage with customers on and off of Amazon, including highly visible placements on the Amazon home page.Unlike the other types of ads discussed, Sponsored Display ads appear not only on Amazon but also on third-party websites and apps, helping brands engage with customers on and off of Amazon, including highly visible placements on the Amazon home page. This type of ad campaign leverages both product and audience targeting.

  • Product targeting
    Product targeting enables brands to target similar or competing products and categories. Our proprietary technology gives our Amazon marketing experts visibility into what customers are buying not only from your Amazon catalog but also what products they’re purchasing from your competitors. We can use that data to target products that shoppers have purchased and viewed in addition to yours and products customers are purchasing instead of yours. Product targeting can help you promote your products to customers who are actively browsing your products to drive cross-selling, as well as reach customers who are actively viewing similar and complementary products to yours.
  • Audience targeting
    Audience targeting enables brands to target customers based on recent search and shopping behavior using Amazon’s audience demographic data. You can use Sponsored Display ads to target customers who have viewed your products or similar products in your category in the past thirty days, retarget previous purchasers, and leverage Amazon’s exclusive audiences including interests, lifestyle, in-market and life stage audiences to reach customers throughout all stages of the purchase journey.

Why Partner with WBX Commerce for Amazon Marketing Services?

Our team

WBX Commerce offers full-service campaign management for clients operating on both Amazon Vendor Central and Amazon Seller Central. Our team of marketplace growth strategists will function as an extension of your staff, managing ongoing campaign strategy and execution and keeping everyone in the loop with regular performance reviews.

We take a thoughtful and strategic approach to driving growth for our partners and have found that using every type of ad campaign helps drive incremental sales. Our team is continuously analyzing the success rates of our campaigns and targeting options we employ, adjusting our strategy as necessary to meet your goals.

Our tools

The Amazon marketing experts at WBX Commerce take the guesswork out of ad campaign execution and optimization and let the data do the driving. Our self-built technology platform pulls data from all the marketplaces you’re selling on into one place. From there, our experts use the cohesive data story to draw specific, detailed conclusions about what strategies support measurable, meaningful growth for your business.

We offer full transparency into the data, providing you with a clear, complete data picture via data visualizations, as well as the ability to segment by marketplace—giving you access to the same information our experts use to inform your ad strategy.

Get Started with the Right Amazon Ad Agency

WBX Commerce is more than an Amazon ad agency—we’re experts across multiple verticals. While we work to grow your brand on Amazon with a smart, focused ad strategy, we can offer support for fulfillment and marketplace management as well. WBX Commerce has the flexibility, transparency, and speed that you need to acquire new customers and upsell existing ones. Contact us today.

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