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on June 2, 2021 by Marcus Startzel in Technology & Data

Out of beta and ready to grow your sales: WBX Insights

Today, we announced the release of WBX Commerce’s new ecommerce technology, WBX Insights. This proprietary tech powers our WBX Commerce Platform and helps our brands grow their ecommerce businesses. This technology is truly first of its kind, uniting brands’ customer, sales and logistics data across digital retail channels into a single source of truth.

I am personally thrilled to announce our first publicly available product powered by this new technology, WBX Insights. It has been amazing to watch the WBX Commerce team use this technology to grow our clients’ businesses on Amazon. Tech is only as good as the results it produces, and the proof is in the growth! This product, created by our marketplace growth team, enables our brands to gain critical insights into their return on ad spend (ROAS), see a clear picture of consumers’ entire shopping journeys, and identify new revenue potential for smart ecommerce growth. 

In beta the last nine months, WBX Insights proved 15 percent monthly growth for brands leveraging it in conjunction with WBX Commerce’s managed services. Early adopters of the tool include global herbal throat lozenge brand Ricola and plant-based snack brand Snacklins.

Powering Brands’ Ecommerce Growth

When analyzing the competitive marketspace, our team saw the lack of data transparency from other Amazon agencies and knew we had the technology and talent to build brands a product that could offer superior insights into their ecommerce business.

Here are some ways our marketplace agency team is using WBX Insights with WBX Commerce brands:

Mapping their customers’ journeys across channels

Brands get full visibility into their customers’ buying journeys across retail channels and can view overarching shopping behaviors, such as where first-time buyers are typically starting, or segment customers by marketplace to identify channel-specific trends.

Driving marketing strategy with data

This product helps brands not only understand the correlation between Amazon ad sales and total sales but also identify brand halo trends — that’s anytime you advertise for one product and drive sales for another. That’s really powerful data!

Optimizing their Amazon search performance

Brands can visualize the competitive landscape on Amazon within their product categories and see how many conversions they own to help optimize search terms and listings and make smarter decisions around their ad spend.

Creating successful, new product offerings

This tool can even be used to identify new product innovation and bundling opportunities, with shopping cart data on what products were purchased with your own, top products compared to yours during the shopping process, and what competitive products you lost out to.

Brands today need superior intelligence to help them navigate and compete within crowded and complex marketplaces, particularly on Amazon. WBX Commerce offers the latest technology, products and people for modern commerce success, and WBX Insights brings brands the actionable insights they need to make smarter decisions around product, marketing and sales.

Interested in learning more about WBX Insights? Schedule a demo today.

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