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on May 2, 2023 by Marcus Startzel in Press

Whitebox Rebrands to WBX Commerce, Launches WBX Glass

We’re thrilled to share that Whitebox has rebranded to WBX Commerce to reflect our renewed focus on growing brands profitably through ecommerce, on Amazon and beyond.

Why did we rebrand?

Earlier this year, we entered a strategic partnership with Ware2Go, a UPS company. As part of the partnership, our clients got access to the Ware2Go suite of fulfillment services to meet their supply chain needs, and our ecommerce growth services became available to the Ware2Go client base. The original company name, Whitebox, has strong ties to 3PL fulfillment so with the realignment of our core objectives, it was time to revitalize and rebrand our name and company positioning. 

Why does it matter?

We’re doubling down on our commitment to helping brands grow their businesses on Amazon and beyond. Amazon continues to be the major opportunity for growth, and it is a crowded and fiercely competitive space. We have the talent and tech to create and execute strategies with maximum impact for our partners.  

So, what’s new?

The name

We decided on the name WBX Commerce because it acknowledges the technology and know-how we’ve built as a logistics company while moving forward in our vision of evolving modern commerce. We are an ecommerce decisioning platform powered by a team of experts that delivers better insights, smarter decisions, and profitable growth. 

Old whitebox logo and new rebrand WBX Commerce logo side by side

The mission

Our new mission is simple.  We will grow brands profitably with unique data, smarter decisions, and passionate execution. 

The tagline

Initial tagline: Factory floor to front door → This is fulfillment-driven, and conjures up visions of a 3PL, shipments, and boxes. However, the data from fulfillment must be accessed and combined with sales data to capture opportunities others cannot. And this inspires our new rebranded tagline:

Better insights. Smarter decisions. Profitable growth. 

In a nutshell: WBX Commerce empowers brands with the insights and expertise needed to grow profitably on Amazon and other channels. See how our rebrand helps your team.

“The WBX team is working together to live our shared mission of growing brands with unique data, smarter decisions, and passionate execution. We have eliminated organizational silos and operate with more cross-functional collaboration than ever before. Our product roadmap is robust, and our team is ready to roll out new offerings for our clients to help them achieve portfolio profitability, faster.” — Hayley Bradway, Chief Operating Officer

The products and services

The solutions we deliver to brands and agencies are dynamic, but straightforward. 

  • We are a third-party seller with a decade of experience; we sell for our partners.
  • We understand outcome-driven advertising; we run ads for our partners
  • Our experience as a seller and 3PL is unique; we consult and help our partners take activity in-house.

Understanding commerce beyond advertising is crucial to capitalizing on opportunities others in the space won’t see. We’ll operate with these three differentiators:

  • Tech: Our own built-in-house platform and data deliver unique, actionable insights.
  • Knowledge:  We understand the entire ecommerce lifecycle. In addition to our extensive advertising expertise, we’re a third-party seller. Plus, as a former 3PL and DTC company, we have deep insight into the whole gross margin and profit value chain.
  • Execution: WBX Commerce is powered by a team of world-class data scientists, engineers, operators, and ad experts to create and execute strategies with maximum impact. We can operate for you, or help you build the capabilities in-house. 

New product launch

In addition to refreshing our brand identity, we’re excited to announce the release of our new ecommerce tool, WBX Glass — designed for brands that advertise on the Amazon DSP. The Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) is an extraordinarily valuable tool. Brands can easily leverage Amazon data and first-party data to capitalize on competitive, category, and consumer insights. WBX Glass makes it easy to access and use unique datasets and gives a competitive advantage to Amazon selling strategies. Learn more about WBX Glass.

What stays the same?

The core values

We commit to operating by these five core values in all that we do: 

  1. Make it happen
  2. Empower our partners
  3. Always innovate
  4. Learn and teach
  5. Enjoy the journey

The team

We’re powered by a great team. Highly knowledgeable, hardworking, talented, creative, and expert in the space. 

“WBX Commerce represents a new era for our company and we are unique in the market. Our history as a full-service advertising firm and a 3PL  provides us with an in-depth understanding of the ecommerce lifecycle. We make smarter decisions and drive profitable growth for our partners. I couldn’t be more excited to be leading this incredible team through this new chapter.” — Marcus Startzel, CEO

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