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on October 6, 2015 by Stephen Jensen in Uncategorized

The 5 Critical Elements of an Online Shopping Cart

Choosing the right online shopping cart is far from simple. Here at WBX Commerce, we know store cart software, and we know what makes it most effective. Whether you’re new to ecommerce, or looking to make a switch from Amazon before they shut down their Webstore next summer, WBX Commerce can help you to make the switch.

We’ve compiled a list of the 5 most important elements as you consider your online shopping cart software. One of our favorite store carts is Shopify, so excuse our plugs. We have no financial interest in Shopify: it’s just what we most use and like. We analyze Magento and WooCommerce here, if you’re interested.

  1. Consider your costs and fees first: If you’ve ever tried to buy from a site with a confusing or frustrating checkout process, you’ll understand why simplicity is essential. Consider how irritating it is when there’s a “required field” that you just can’t seem to find, or when you have to go through what seems like fifty different pages to make that final purchase. Cumbersome forms mean lost sales, period. Shopify has a streamlined checkout process that’s amongst the best in retaining customers through to the final sale.

  2. Beautiful Free Templates: While simplicity keeps customers from getting frustrated, beautiful templates keep customers shopping. Think about your online shopping cart as a physical storefront. Just like a real store, aesthetics are important and a pleasant shopping experience can make or break a sale. Shopify’s free, clean, and attractive templates mean you start out with something beautiful without having to pay an extra fee. Later on, paid templates offer ways to enhance or further customize your shopping cart experience.
  3. Google Base Uploads: While the first two elements are about customer retention, Google Base Uploads are about bringing customers in. It’s fairly obvious why this compatibility is important: when people search for your product, having it listed by Google may be the difference between sale or no sale. Fortunately, Shopify has you covered on this front.
  4. Reclaim those Abandoned Store Carts: Whether you’re disrupted by your kid whining about dinner, a power outage or an important phone call, everyone abandons store carts. These interrupted purchases are often a big, untapped source of sales. While most store carts have add-ons that let you retrieve these, with Shopify, they’re included in the unlimited and pro plans. This means as soon as you switch, you can start capitalizing on all those interrupted purchases.
  5. A Customizable Look and Feel: Especially for more established businesses, the ability to customize the store cart software to fit your brand is key. Shopify strikes the perfect balance: allowing just enough customization to get the right look, while retaining a secure and streamlined checkout process.

Whether your business is small or large, choosing an effective storecart provider is vital to ecommerce success. At WBX Commerce, we not only help you make the switch, we provide you with continued support afterwards. Reach out if you’re looking to make a switch. 




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