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on February 7, 2023 by Marcus Startzel in Press

WBX Commerce Enters Strategic Partnership with Ware2Go, A UPS Company

WBX Commerce is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Ware2Go, a UPS company. Ware2Go is a 4PL (fourth-party logistics provider) that simplifies the supply chain with a nationwide, tech-enabled fulfillment network to help clients grow their businesses.

As part of this strategic partnership, WBX Commerce clients will gain access to the full scope and scale of UPS-backed Ware2Go’s fulfillment and logistics solutions. Our client
partners will benefit from WBX Commerce’s WBX Insights platform, which combines fulfillment and marketplace advertising data to identify actionable insights and opportunities for growth on Amazon and other key marketplaces. 

“This partnership will enable a true end-to-end commerce solution for omnichannel merchants — because sales strategy and supply chain cannot operate in silos. Together, Ware2Go and WBX Commerce are enabling merchants to unlock their full potential with integrated advertising, fulfillment, and inventory management services across all platforms.” – Steve Denton, CEO, Ware2Go, a UPS company

WBX Commerce will continue to build innovative products that help brands aggregate, analyze and unlock the full potential of their ecommerce data — to seize every opportunity to grow their sales. We will operate as an Amazon agency, helping brands achieve growth and profitability in their ecommerce businesses. Our in-house team of advertising strategists and data science experts — combined with our innovative decisioning tools — will help client partners earn new-to-brand customers while increasing repeat purchases.

“WBX Commerce’s strategic partnership with Ware2Go unlocks enormous growth potential for our clients through insights derived from an expanded logistics network while enabling us to help brands across the ecommerce ecosystem make decisions that grow their sales on Amazon and beyond.” – Marcus Startzel, CEO, WBX Commerce

WBX Commerce is a new kind of ecommerce platform that offers brands a full-service advertising agency fueled by data from both sales and fulfillment transactions. Simply stated, our platform allows brands to make key decisions around pricing, competition, and fulfillment options while we focus on growing their sales. We specialize in audience targeting, campaign management and measurement, Amazon storefront design, content optimization, and unique, transparent data insights to accelerate and grow sales online. We are a member of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, hold a seat on the Amazon DSP (demand-side platform), and are a preferred AMC (Amazon Marketing Cloud) consultancy firm.

WBX Commerce takes the pain out of selling on the world’s largest marketplace. Ready to grow sales and reduce costs? Contact us today to get started.

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