How to Pick the Right Amazon Advertising Agency in 2024

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Worried about how your products stand out on Amazon? Are you priced correctly for your competitive set? How can you optimize your advertising and drive more sales? Whether you sell via Seller Central or Vendor Central, an Amazon advertising agency can propel your business forward by managing the heavy lifting of your Amazon ads while you focus on your product portfolio. Here’s what you should look for when choosing the best partner for your business.

Narrow down your search for an Amazon ad agency

There are more than 1900 agencies that manage Amazon advertising. But not all are created equal. To help you narrow your search, Amazon created a partnership directory with agencies that meet the following criteria:

Verified Advertising Partners: Agencies that achieve verified partner status have successfully completed their Amazon Ads Partner Network account setup and have provided Amazon with information about how their business supports advertisers. Consider agencies with a verified badge simply that: verified for legitimacy by Amazon.

Advanced Advertising Partners: This is where agencies step it up. Agencies with advanced partner status have demonstrated product expertise, engagement with Amazon ads, and — most importantly — delivered growth for advertisers over time. Only 8% of all Amazon ad agencies have achieved this status. WBX Commerce is proud to be an Amazon advanced advertising partner.

Why your business needs an Amazon ad agency in 2024

WBX Commerce data emphasizes that effective advertising on Amazon drives 60% of total marketplace growth. While managing it in-house with a small team is possible, an Amazon advertising agency provides a dedicated team of experts to consistently manage and optimize your marketing strategy. In a landscape where digital advertising best practices shift rapidly, an agency can stay on top of updates, freeing you to concentrate on core business operations.

Top benefits of collaborating with an Amazon advertising agency 

Depending on an agency’s experience, the benefits vary. Key advantages of working with a proven advertising partner include:

  • Specific marketplace expertise: Agencies, such as WBX Commerce, with hands-on experience and accreditation through Amazon’s certification program, can tailor marketing strategies using all available tools, including Amazon DSP.
  • Access to Amazon’s full suite of advertising products: As members of the Amazon Advertising Partner Network, agencies like WBX Commerce can leverage resources, training, and tools to unlock the full range of Amazon products for clients.
  • Leveraging a unique dataset: Agencies often gain early access to advertising tools, such as the Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), providing valuable insights for efficient ad spend and ROI measurement.

Vetting the best Amazon ad agency for your 2024 goals

When vetting the best Amazon ad agency for your business needs, approach potential partnerships with clear goals and expectations. Set transparent milestones and ensure similar transparency in the data used by the agency for decision-making. Request to speak with current clients and delve into the agency’s core competencies. Ask about the team’s coverage, accreditation status, and a detailed assessment of how they’ll enhance your product visibility and sales.

The WBX Commerce approach: Performance-focused, tech-enabled advertising

WBX Commerce is an advanced Amazon ad services partner and excels at driving unrivaled growth for brands. We use our proprietary world-class technology and deep understanding of the Amazon ads ecosystem to optimize advertising spend and increase customer lifetime value. Our success crosses any vertical, from CPG to Health and Wellness to Toys and Games. For sustained growth on Amazon, contact us today.