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Full-funnel Amazon Ad Strategy Grows New Customers by 762%

  • A pet supply brand struggling to grow new-to-brand customers on Amazon
  • Relying solely on Sponsored Products and lacked a comprehensive ad strategy
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The Goal

The pet supply brand needed help conquering its top three challenges:


  • Limited Customer Growth: The brand had plateaued in terms of new customer acquisition, struggling to expand its customer base.
  • Advertising Focus: The brand was heavily reliant on Sponsored Product ads, neglecting other Amazon advertising options that could yield better results.
  • Inefficient Strategy: The brand’s keyword bidding strategy and campaign efficiency needed improvement.

The Solution

WBX Commerce partnered with the pet brand to develop and implement a comprehensive advertising strategy. The solution involved a full-funnel approach, leveraging various Amazon advertising types:


  • Sponsored Product: This was the foundation of the strategy, but it was no longer the sole focus. Sponsored Product ads continued to drive sales and visibility.
  • Sponsored Brand: Sponsored Brand ads were introduced to create brand awareness, engage customers earlier in their purchasing journey, and showcase a range of products.
  • Sponsored Display: These ads were used to retarget past page visitors and display products to shoppers interested in similar goods.
  • Sponsored Brand Video: Engaging video content was incorporated to tell the brand’s story, educate customers about its products, and increase conversion rates of new-to-brand customers.


WBX Commerce also improved the keyword bidding strategy and continually tested and optimized campaign efficiency to ensure the best possible results.


Additionally, we employed our proprietary insights tool to monitor and optimize campaign performance. This allowed us to make data-driven decisions and allocate ad spend more effectively.

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The Results

In the first quarter of the partnership:


  • Ad Sales Growth: Ad sales grew by an astounding 423%, indicating the effectiveness of the full-funnel advertising approach.
  • Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): The brand’s ROAS increased by 13%, demonstrating that the optimized keyword bidding and campaign efficiency adjustments were paying off.
  • Total Sales Growth: Total sales surged by 113%, indicating a significant increase in customer engagement and conversions.
  • New-to-Brand Customers: Perhaps the most remarkable achievement, new-to-brand customers increased by an astonishing 762%, showcasing the success of the comprehensive advertising strategy in reaching and converting a wider audience.

New-to-brand customers increased by 762%

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