Case Study

Running Amazon Ads to Grow Off-Amazon Sales

WBX partnered with a high-quality CPG pet brand that was niche and not well-known. They wanted to measure and optimize media both on and off Amazon and needed to understand how streaming TV, display, and sponsored ads impacted their dot com sales.


The brand needed a partner with rich Amazon advertising expertise and technological capabilities to help scale its sales.

Measure the impact of streaming tv, display and sponsored ads on dot-com sales

The Goal

  • Measure and optimize media both on and off Amazon.
  • Understand cross-channel impact: How streaming TV, display, and sponsored ads impacted their dot com sales.
  • Achieve at least a 10% overlap in users who purchased on the dot com site to show the impact Amazon media has on off-Amazon sales.

The Solution

Step 1: Build the tech

  • Build a mechanism to upload the brand’s first-party data to measure against the ads WBX was running.
  • Integrate with Amazon Marketing Cloud to build a platform.
  • Upload, create datasets, and measure users who were exposed to Amazon ads and purchased on the brand’s dot com website.

Step 2: Run the ads

  • Increase spend on the campaigns with the highest overlap.
  • Segment the product types that best aligned with our objective of driving sales both on and off of Amazon.
  • Utilize streaming TV, display, and sponsored ads to promote products and measure the overlap.
close up of a phone screen with amazon ads on the screen

“Amazon has made some pretty incredible advances in the past few years around advertising options to get in front of potential customers, but it can be a bit overwhelming to understand where and when to invest in certain areas. This is where a partner like WBX Commerce has been a critical part to our growth.”

— Chief Marketing Officer, CPG Pet Company

The Results

  • After 6 months, we identified a 15% overlap in off-Amazon purchases.
  • After 30 days the client saw a 4% increase in incremental off-Amazon sales by increasing spend on campaigns with a high overlap.
  • This validated the impact Amazon spend can have for endemic sales and off-Amazon sales.

15% overlap in off-Amazon purchases after 6 months

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